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Girl’s Nightout at TGV Indulge

Hellooo Girls!!! It’s Wednesday, mid of the week… Almost there to weekend and yes I am about to share you the best relaxation moment you can have this weekend with your girlfriends or boyfriend! Few weeks ago, we butterflies adjourned together to celebrate the most meaningful journey of our butterfly community for being around for more than a year and has grow into a huge community or beauty and lifestyle bloggers! I am really happy to be able to be apart of this loving community. This community teach me so many things about blogging and has open up a lot of amazing opportunity for me when I am still new. Tammy the founder never stop to grow the community and bring us many many amazing events and this Night Out is one of the best!! Well all Butterfly event are top notch because we have the most amazing Mamasan as well as the beautiful Butterfly SWAT team!!!

That night the dress code was “ Dress to Kill ” !OMG, I do not have any dress to kill man?? I have been looking around for weeks to find the perfect dress that also fit my budget! Sadly, it’s summer and every shop is selling sundresss…. I almost give up….Just a night before the actual night, I drop by Forever 21 before I head to cinema and I found this piece of dress hiding in the corner and just cost RM 89, pretty decent price and fit the dress to kill theme!! So before we move into the amazing night may I present to you my Dress to Kill??
dress to kill 2

I curl up my hair and swipe it to the side for extra glam look.. Put on a super smoky black eye colour with inner shimmering silver colour for my eyes!! Using glitter for the first time and it look rather chunky… I shall try again next round…

TGV Indulge Review1

Well I have a single hood eyes, it’s not easy to rock the vertical eyeshadow but with practice and good skill of blending and making gradient colour it can look stunning… The other day while I was in an event, I over heard someone saying it’s not possible to do vertical one if you have single eye hood… I bag to differ…. Just need to do it the correct way and not too over the crease! That night I did the horizontal ones with clean cut crease method.  Still trying to perfecting that crease area but I do love how it turns out…. I skip the fake lashes since I’ll be watching a movie later!!

shimmer eye look

So the location is set at TGV Indulge that packed everything movie goer needs under one roof; The super comfortable cinema with reclining chair, private ticketing counter and personalized call-waiter-service, lounge, fine dining is all I needed…nothing else is needed! Everything is just perfect! I am familiar with this cinema so no problem parking near to it and when I arrive ticketing level it’s just on the right side of the public waiting lounge!

TGV Indulge Review5

I was there quite early and had plenty of time to snap pictures with butterflies using my camera also over the 123 Cheese booth! Checkout the butterflies taking pictures at the 123 Cheese Booth.

TGV Indulge Review10

and this is the amount of picture I took with the butterflies!! had so much fun playing with the prop and posing with it too!!


Nah here is some of our selfies using my camera!!

butterfly night out

At the event, Watson Muse introduce to us the new brand from Canada called INDEED. This is my first time getting across this brand. Indeed uses various high concentration of rare, effective actives from laboratories in Switzerland, Spain, France and the United States to develop highly specific product. Indeed Lab intend to product skincare that will help user to achieve that soft, camera lens filter effect on the surface of the face. Below are some of the product from this brand. The Nanoblur will make your enlarged pores appear less obvious and a smoother skin!

TGV Indulge Review9 Indeed Nanoblur, RM75 for 30ml

Each of us get to bring home a product from Indeed to try, I got the Retinol Resurface, a serum to be used just before heading to bed. Can’t wait to try it out actually…I am trying to finish off my serum so I can replace with it. Wake with smoother, clearer and healthier looking skin with Retinol Surface!!

TGV Indulge Review6 Retinol Resurface, RM 99 for 30ml

Pepta-Bright combat skin aging as well as enhance skin brightness.

TGV Indulge Review7 Pepta-Bright, RM 129 for 30ml

After walking around getting to know this new brand, all of us gather together as Tammy gives a welcome speech to all of us! Mamasan look so so pretty that night!!! So sexy also ah..almost nose bleeds looking at her cleavage!! ^^ all the while she is hiding her assets now I know LOL.

TGV Indulge Review40

Alright time for some yummylicious food!!! Nah let me show you the full portion of the food served in TGV Indulge as the one I have is a mini version so I can taste all of them!!

tgv indulge food review

I absolutely how attentive TGV staff is just like how I dine in fine dining restaurant. It doesn’t take a long time to order anything. The starter kick off my appetite very well as I really love the sweet and soft pumpkin salad and that duck salad is so good… I love the dressing they used on duck salad, not overly sour but well balanced.

p/s: Sorry if my picture is rather dark as I did not bring my DSLR only using my Sony Pancake lens!
 TGV Indulge Review42

Alright Salmon is not what I am expecting. The Grilled Lamb Rack was pretty decent..

TGV Indulge Review44

Jacket potato was alright. Sadly I didn’t quite like the Lamb Kofta as the lamb weird taste was pretty strong that I couldn’t take in.

TGV Indulge Review43

Now after done with the mains and starter, we move to another highlight of the night which is the best dress winner!! When they announce two winner name, I thought oh well better luck next time… I don’t think I will win also… Then Regina announced there is another Grand Prize winner… oh wait there is a 1% of chances of winning? Ok I scrap the idea just before she announced because there are so many girls dress up so well!!! Then I heard she call “ Cindy Tong”…. Jaw dropped from sky to floor… Really in shock that I won this!!! Thank You Butterfly Project Malaysia, Watson Muse, TGV Indulge and the SPY to choose me as the Best Dress for the night!!

TGV Indulge Review47

Right the most awaited moment, MOVIE TIME!!!!! We all can’t wait to tryout the TGV Indulge Cinema for the first time!!! Wow wow the pathway so grand!!

TGV Indulge Review48

There is total of two house which can accommodate 32 and 40pax respectively.

TGV Indulge Review49

Walk into the cinema and it’s so spacious and they kept it so clean and air freshener is automatically sprayed to the room in a certain interval.

TGV Indulge Review52

I was overly excited when I sit on the chair as there is button to call for waiter to order any food or drink I want as well as to control the chair angle. The one thing I love most is the purple comforter they provide us in the cinema!! It’s so so soft and smell like just wash and air dry…. It’s even better than my home ones…

TGV Indulge Review51

My movie partner for the night is Li Chuen. We both had watch Lucy before  but we still enjoy the comfy seat and also the comfort of having our Panna Cotta dessert while watching movie!!


If you have not been to TGV Indulge, I highly recommend you to give it a try for at least once!! I can’t wait to go back for more movie!!!

TGV Indulge is opened from 11am with ticket priced RM45 (meals not included) 

Oh ya, they has now launch the new TGV Cinemas MovieClub! TGV welcomes all cinema-goers aged 18 and above, to sign up for the club with a membership fee of RM28. Upon registration, each member will receive Welcome Freebies which comprise of two complimentary movie tickets and a regular popcorn set. Members of the MovieClub will also be able to enjoy the following benefits, with a total value of RM68:

· Birthday Freebies : Two complimentary tickets and a regular popcorn set during their birthday month
· Exclusive Invitations to movie premieres and screenings
· Members-Only advance ticketing privilege
· Latest Updates about movies via the TGV Cinemas e-Newsletter

For more info please visit www.tgv.com.my
Alright girlsssss….Thank you for reading till the end.. I really appreciate it a lot!!! See you again real soon!



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