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Rainbow Cameo Project: The Violac

Good day girlssss!! Today I will be sharing an excited collaboration with my fellow beauty blogger call Rainbow Cameo!! So you ask what is this all about?? As the name suggest, expect to see beautiful colours throughout the month of September! There is total of 8 of us who will doing different colour theme based on Rainbow colours. It can be a makeup, outfit or anything beauty related that are inspired from the respective colours.This project began early of this month and I am on the last week! Following are the colour we will be doing!

  • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,Indigo,Violet, Rainbow

So I am doing Violet colour theme which is also one of my favourite colour all time!! The one colour of eyeshadow that stack inside my drawer is Violet, Purple or Indigo!!

Before I move on to the look, let me introduce the fellow blogger I am collaborating with!

Christine ( –  The bubbly girl with big curly hair, she has a good fashion sense I tell you!! Pssttt checkout her hot look for this project!
Izzah ( – She is someone who is crazy over makeup, gave her some cosmetic she will be smiling the whole day!! 
Syafiqah ( – Iqa is a very sweet girl… I met her during my blog’s reader meet up event. She also have major crush over beauty stuff!!
Mieza ( – Mieze is another nice girl I met during event!! We share the same interest on beauty product and we always exchange thought over our blog!!!
Josephine ( – This girl will make you die to go to that shop to buy all the beauty product in Kuching. She constantly update every beauty related launches and opening in Kuching to her readers!!!
Mya ( –  She blogged about all the beauty product she tried in detailed, so if you are looking for product review before you decided to pick up the product make sure you click her blog to check it out!!!
Syaza ( – This big eye girl, also organizer of this project has a cute blog that talk about everything beauty … Checkout her adorable pictures across her blog as the review the product!
Now, I make a hot pink and violet combo with light lilac colour to highlight my inner eyes. I complete it with a sweet pink lipstick to tone it down a little. As for my outfit, it was coincident that I just bought a lilac dress which fit this theme very well. Some of you might have seen the whole outfit look as I have posted in my pre-wedding photos. If you have not you should really check them out!!! Here you go the up-close pictures of my Violac Look!! The name came about by combining Violet + Lilac together and it quite a nice combo so I named it Violac!

Violac Makeup

For eyes, I made a horizontal swipe of violet on the outer corner and a white and lilac on the inner of my eye lid to brighten it up. I used a hot pink on my crease line to make a contrast of colour as well as to add more fun to eyes. For face I keep my cheek light with pale matte pink blusher and a sweet pink lip!

Rainbow cameo violac (5)-horz

Rainbow cameo violac (4)

Below is my favourite shot!!!

Rainbow cameo violac (1)

Violac Outfit

This Lilac dress I got it from Forever 21 at a very good deal for only RM 10. I think I am stupid if I don’t buy it home!!! Accessories wise pair with a dangling pink rose earring and chunky diamond necklace with vintagey lace details. For arm, I slot in a stack of silver,gold and pearl bangles combo.For heel, I am pairing with my favourite Nude Peep Toes from Aldo!

DIY Prewedding shoot6

DIY Prewedding shoot8

DIY Prewedding shoot9

Alright it’s wrap my girls!! Do you love my Violac look? This a very versatile look…. I wore it to my friend wedding lunch and also for my pre-wedding shoot… You can even wear it for a cocktail party or prom night. Do leave me a comment and your blog link so I can return your comments too. Bye Bye…



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