• Wedding

    An Engagement CAN Be Perfect, So Make It BE Perfect

    Christmas films are beginning to hit the streaming services and that means more romantic films. In this sub-category, there will be lots and lots of wedding and engagement films, set in Christmas and or winter. This has got us thinking. We often consider engagements as being a small step to the final day of being bachelors and then, getting married. But we should stop thinking that we’re just bachelors with a ring on our finger. We should begin to behave as if we are heading up to a path, together, and are about to walk through a gateway to a…

  • Shopping

    Shop & Win with PGMall & Nestle

    If you have not heard of PG Mall yet, you been missing out on all the great deals and promotion. PG Mall www.pgmall.my is Msia No.1 E-commerce platform, established since 2017 and is the only Local e-commerce platform in Malaysia.

  • Beauty

    Top 5 The Face Shop Best Sellers for Teens

    Every day, the cosmetic market sees an increase in sales from the younger customer base. In the early days of makeup and beauty products, the majority of sales were made by adults and professionals, eager to display their best selves…

  • Home

    Get Clued Up On Reverse Mortgages

    After a long working career, you want to look forward to some financial stability in your retirement phase, without having to worry about further financial commitments. If this sounds like you, I would highly recommend that you look into getting…

  • Featured

    How to Hunt Northern Lights in Iceland

    Seeing Northern Light is probably the dreams of many and definitely not easy to fulfill. I read hundred of blogpost on how to see & hunt Northern Lights in Iceland, watch many videos and even ask in forum and friends…

  • Chill Out

    How to Look and Feel Good in Lockdown

    The coronavirus outbreak has taken its toll on everyone. People are confined to the house, restaurants and nightclubs are closed, and our freedom to socialize is restricted. With nothing to dress up for, you would be excused for thinking there’s…

  • Wedding

    Planning a Wedding in 2020

    Due to the current pandemic, a lot of couples have to redefine or postpone their wedding plans. There are many ways to change plans, either to postpone the wedding or move forward in an adjusted manner, but one overlooked proposition…