Hey guys I thought it’s time to put up a disclaimer on my blog. So here it goes….

About Cindy’s Planet

This is a place where I share my thoughts, tips and experience on all the product I tried and places I’ve been. I am just a beauty enthusiastic and travel addict so I am just like any ordinary girl with hobbies so some of the things I share can be inaccurate but I do try my best to provide the most accurate facts.

All post are draft by me and my partner Thomas no one else. It is all based on my honest opinion and it is not biased even if it is a sponsored post. The views and opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the people, institutions or organizations that I may or may not be related with unless stated explicitly.

In short, I decide the contents for my blogs not any of the clients or the company that I am writing for because this blog belong to me. I share what I like and what I don’t like.

My thoughts on certain product might change over time as my requirement changed and my knowledge gained so I might alter what I have written in the pass with a disclaimer on the date I updated the information.

If you find that the product I recommend does not suit you, I will not liable on that as everyone has different preference and different skin type or body.

Sponsored Post

There is a number of company who approach me to review their product or services and in return they sponsored me product or they may pay me in monetary form but I still purchase most of the product I used. Almost 70% of my product are purchased by my own money.

Cindy’s Planet is not a place for me to earn money, it’s merely my hoby a place where I express my thoughts and share my love on makeups, travel, fashion and many others thing in my life with my reader. So most of my product were purchased using the money I earn from my full time job.

From 1st August 2015 onward all post with label “Advertorial” show that particular post is a paid post and those with label “Invited Review” are post with the product or service sponsored by respective company.

Cindy’s Planet contains advertising and affiliate marketing links.  However, the content in this blog are not influenced by any advertisers or an affiliate partnership, nor are posts written for the sole purpose of promoting a product.


Occasionally I do use photos found on the web and I will not place any watermark in any of this picture and I will usually credit the photo unless if it the photos are sent or provided by the company itself. On the other hand, all photos posted in this blog with my watermark are solely owned by me. If you want to use it for any reason please do credit back to my blog.