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Bangkok 6D/5N Day 3:Khao Yai Panorama Farm (The Mushroom Land)

If you are a smurf lover you should read this post till the end as I will be bringing you to the smurf land!!! Khao Yai Panorama Farm is where all the adorable mushroom grows along with some other herbs.

khao yai panorama farm (3)

Can you see those cute mushrooms??

khao yai panorama farm (8)

Book a room underneath the Mushroom Resorts, visit the mushroom farm, eat Mushroom meal, soak in the natural heated onsen (heated pool) and sip wine under the moonlight. Oh such a divine stay isn’t it?

khao yai panorama farm (21)

Basically, each Mushroom House has two level with one room each level. The room stay comes with complimentary welcome drink, breakfast. minibar, bedtime drink and free wifi connection.

khao yai panorama farm (24)

The ground level room has a small living room when you can relax on the sofa.

khao yai panorama farm (17) The mushroom panel is adorable isn’t it?

The top level can accommodate more occupants because it has a mezzanine floor where single bed can be added.

khao yai panorama farm (22)Can add up to two single bed.
khao yai panorama farm (23) The second level view from Mezzanine Floor

I personally think this is really a good choice for honeymoon… A very relaxing honeymoon just stay in and enjoy time by two of you.

khao yai panorama farm (18)

The view from the room… Isn’t it beautiful and adorable???? Lalalalalalalala….. sing a happy song…

khao yai panorama farm (25)
Let me bring you closer to the pool!! It’s luxury pampering moment to soak in it!! The onsen was initially a swimming pool but during construction, the owner found marble underneath it so it can’t be a swimming pool so they use the marble to make a onsen.

khao yai panorama farm (16)

More pictures of the surroundings…

khao yai panorama farm (27)
Look at the breezy view…

khao yai panorama farm (4)

and now I will bring you to a small garden outside of this resort just before we enter the mushroom farm!

khao yai panorama farm (11)

khao yai panorama farm (7)

khao yai panorama farm (9)

Now let’s see some real mushroom!

khao yai panorama farm (14)

khao yai panorama farm (12) oh this look like rose to me!
khao yai panorama farm (13) Oyster mushroom delicious!
Resort Name : Khao Yai Panorama Resort/
Address : 297 M.6 Nongnamdang District, Taman Negara Khao Yai, Khao Yai, Thailand 30130
Tel : +66 (0)44 756234/321
Fax : +66 (0)44 756467
Nearby Attraction: Palio Village, Khao Yai National Park
Things to Do: Visit Mushroom Farm, Sightseeing, Photography
Price: Approx RM 270 per night for premium room according to

Well it’s the end of the post. Hope you enjoy touring the smurf land!!! Stay tune for Koh Samui Trip in few days…. Got to go for now. Bye Bye!


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