About Me & My Blog

About Me

Hellooooo my name is Cindy and I reside in Malaysia, the multi culture country. My dream is to travel around the world and get to know each country people and culture, food and their fashion and lifestyle…

I love to experiments with new beauty product in the market and new cosmetic product especially limited edition product with beautiful colours, I love to checkout in trend fashion pieces across the world, I love to hunt delicious food across the country and other part of the world when I travel and I have landed on quite a number of country and hoping to visit more country in the future.

I am a perfectionist and when I decide to take up something I make sure I give my best to complete them. I can be shy if I never talk to you before but once you say hi to me, I can talk nonstop with you. So if you bump into me do say hi to me kay?

About Cindy’s Planet

Cindy’s Planet is a place for me to share the things I discover daily, things I purchase, things I’ve tried and it’s everything inside my life thus my planet! In this planet you can read about beauty tips and beauty product review, makeup tutorial my pick on fashion clothingthe delicious food we discover, the beautiful country we travel to, gadgets we get our hands on and many more…

Everything written in this blog (even paid advertorials or campaign) are all based on my true experience and I believe in giving an honest review to my reader will help them to find out whether the product or the food is what they are looking for. One thing to note is what is good for me may not be the same for you because everyone has different skin type as well as different preferences. So happy trying!

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