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Fresh Groceries Online in Klang Valley

Hello everyone, it’s been a while… I hope all of you and your family are all safe and well. I am definitely having a hard time coping between working from home and cooking. The toughest part is getting fresh groceries as the queue is really long. It took me a minimum of 1 hour to shop in AEON. For the past two weeks I have been searching high and low for Fresh Groceries Online in Klang Valley and thanks to fellow friends and my mum I finally able to gather a group of Online/ FB/ WA Fresh Groceries in Klang Valley. Since many of you have been asking me for the contacts I decided to list it all here for your easy reference. Since I stayed in Cheras, I begin the list with Cheras and for areas in PJ, Subang or KL will be at the bottom so you can scroll down to look for those who service your area.


Chicken ( Normally Sold in Morning Market)

This uncle is my go-to for chicken even before MCO. His chicken is fresh and always cut to my preference. I can be picky on my chicken cuts as I cook both Chinese & Western style as well.

Contact: 0162809133

Location: Nearby Taman Bukit Segar (should service area within 5KM)

Pork ( Normally Sold in Morning Market)

This aunty is super friendly and very good service. I was looking for a specific cut for my Korean BBQ at home, she really tries her best to accommodate even though she doesn’t have a machine. This one you have to go to her house to collect, no delivery. After my husband collects and brings home, aunty still WA me to check if the meat cut correctly. Their price is also very affordable only RM18/kg for pork shoulder. One con though they do not sell pork slice for steamboat.

Fresh Groceries Online in Selangor Cheras

Contact: 0126916190

Location: Near Belakong Area (Opposite Taming Jaya)

Pork (Tommy)

This uncle I have never buy from him before. I was about to but then I found another better source which I will share below. Continue reading. Anyway this one, he sells pork slice and his price is slightly more expensive. He does provide free delivery for RM150 purchase and above otherwise RM10 within 10km distance, if further distance additional delivery charges apply.

Contact: 01128004820

Location: Mahkota Cheras & Taman Segar

Vegetables, Fruits, Seafood, Fish, Chicken & Pork from Morning Market 

This family has a vegetable business in Sg Chua Kajang morning market. So if you buy vegetables from them they can help you to buy fruits, seafood, fish, chicken & pork from the morning market they operate. They provide free delivery for purchase RM 50 and above within 10 km distance. This is by far my favorite as I can get almost everything from one source. However, for chicken, I still prefer the earlier source because that uncle removes skin & fats from the chicken breast. Not really a big problem just took some extra time. Also for pork slice, I prefer to get from this uncle because his price a bit cheaper compare to Tommy. This uncle does not charge any commission on the things he helps you to buy. I even bought beancurd skin and cooking wine. Below are some photos of my purchase and price. You can see it for yourself.

Fresh Groceries Online in Selangor Cheras

Contact: 0129580192

Location: Kajang

Fruits (Jimmy from Farm)

I got this contact from my mum. I have not bought from him yet but I intend to soon. He sells various fruit and delivery to many places in Cheras for RM 5 -10 depending on distance.

Contact: 0167138226

Location: They deliver to various Taman in Cheras


Vegetables & Fruits

This is also another vegetable & fruits source. Also have not buy from her before.You can check out her FB for more info.

Contact: Facebook Link

Location: They deliver to various areas 

For below list I got it from FB user from Daily Home Cooked Meal group in FB, so I have not buy from them before. You may and comment below if it’s good 🙂

Vegetables, Egg, Seafood, Halal Dimsum / AnXin Pork / Frozen Seafood, Homemade Healthy Bread

Contact: 0126579667

Location: PJ (within 20km from Sea Park)

Fresh Pork, Fresh Chicken, Egg, Bacon, Fresh Fruit & Frozen Seafood

Contact: 019- 263 6330 (whatapps)

Location: Puchong, Bukit Jalil, Ara Damansara, Sri Petaling, Serdang, Cyberjaya, Subang Jaya, Putrajaya



Location: Klang Valley
Contact no/ link: 013-4332883/ 

Fresh Vegetable & Kampung Chicken

Location: Klang Valley

Contact: Cole 012 2279290

Frozen Seafood

I got this from a friend, there’s a lot of seafood they supplies. I intend to buy the Asari Clams.
Contact:  019-325 5592
Location; Klang Valley
I hope the above list of Fresh Groceries Online in Klang Valley helps you during this MCO. Stay Safe everyone. Signing off.


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