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Nobody goes through the trouble of applying for a job, turning up for the interview in their best clothes, and subsequently turning up for work week-in week-out without putting their pay to good use. For some, a new car could be on the cards. For others, perhaps a new rented property – or even saving the deposit to become a homeowner. What’s almost certainly on the agenda for just about everyone is travel. From city breaks and weekend getaways to full-blown skiing trips, month-long cruises, or weeks of summer sun on an exotic beach resort with a name like Isla Nublar or Isla Sorna (actually, the eagle eyed film buffs among you may have spotted that those are the names of the islands in Jurassic Park – the islands may sound nice, but they’re a bit heavy on the chomping, so probably best avoided).

However, sometimes it may seem like your money finds ways to spend itself faster than you can earn it (to help plan your money, click here for advice). From unexpected home repairs and paying towards the buffet at your brother-in-law’s surprise birthday party, to things going wrong with your car or your laptop deciding it’s about time to keep turning itself off for about a week before never turning back on again, you’ll need help finding ways to save for a well-earned break.

Check down the back of the sofa

Down the back of the sofa, in the pockets of old jeans, in the coin tray in your car … yeah, this isn’t exactly the most reliable method of raising the funds for a holiday, but the sentiment remains – finding money where you didn’t think you had any hidden is a skill. This could mean cancelling largely unused subscriptions to the gym or to streaming services, or perhaps selling an unloved bike or guitar or tools bench.

Travel isn’t just about tickets – get serious about budget

Travel is a host of costs, all neatly lined up and sneakily hidden behind the attractively low price-tag attached to a cheap flight. You’re going to need money to send while you’re away. Depending on the climate, you may need holiday clothes. There may be car hire. There could be excursions. What about food and drink? When you start to add everything up, the cost of your cheap little holiday starts to mount. The best idea is to calculate the near-accurate expected expenditure, break that cost down into three-six monthly payments, and save each month.

Save by planning ahead

You may have never come across the information that you’re about to read, and for those people on the brink of a giant realisation, welcome to the even-cheaper flyers club. You see, the cost of a seat on a plane is not set in stone. Each airline releases their flight schedules and prices many months in advance (as much as 18 months in advance for major routes). The trick here is to research the airlines that fly to the places that you may wish to visit and find out when tickets go on sale – the earlier you buy the more significant the savings.


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