6 Tips For An Easier Trip

I absolutely love traveling and everyone should do it, the only problem sometimes is that things can get stressful. After so much travel, I think I know how to handle myself and I really enjoy figuring out better ways to travel to make life easier. I learnt the hard way, but you really don’t have to by reading my tips for an easier trip.

Transfer made easy
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Get a transfer
After packing and a long flight you are probably going to be very tired when you reach your destination and it is always stressful when trying to get to your accommodation. Also in a new city it can be stressful to try and navigate public transport, so taking a transfer from the airport is absolutely ideal. I recently took a Madrid limo service on my last trip and was very surprised that I hadn’t tried this out sooner. It was great to be greeted at the airport by my driver and then I got into a comfortable car and was on my way immediately to my destination. No waiting and no stress, it was great and can really help you to save some time, especially when you might not have much yourself (especially if you are on a very short trip like a weekend).
Hotel Business Card for the details
Take the hotel business card
When navigating your way around a new city it can be hard if you don’t know where you are and hotel business cards are ideal when you don’t speak the local language. A helpful local can point you in the right direction and you only need to show them the card!
Check Passport
Check your passport
It sounds pretty standard, but each country has their own rules for how much remaining time you should have on your passport. I like to make sure I know when my passport expires and that I have at least 6 months left on it before I travel. This helps you to avoid problems at the airport and makes things a lot easier when passing through customs.
Call the bank
Let your bank know that you are traveling
Banks have become very good at preventing fraud and when you live in the States and you start using your card in India alarm bells are going to ring and your bank may even block your card. If you let your bank know that you are traveling you can definitely avoid this happening and can make life much easier. I know a lot of people that have failed to do this and it always ended up in tears.
Pack essential items in your hand luggage
Luggage does get lost and it is a pain, but the point is that you don’t want to be stuck without your essential items in another city or country. By keeping your important things you can always be sure that you have enough to get through your trip with a minimal level of hassle should your luggage go missing. Things like your laptop or a change of clothes are ideal items to put in your hand luggage.
Google Maps (Offline)
Download offline maps
Google Maps is a great tool for any traveler looking to navigate their way around a new city and offline maps can really help you because it is unlikely that you will have internet everywhere you go. Offline maps allows you to use just the GPS on your smartphone, which can make navigating a breeze in a new city.

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