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Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette Review

Good morning girls!! How you been doing? Time flies when we are so busy at work or having too much fun after working hours hanging out with friends and always sleeping time feels like an hour even thought I slept for eight hours and my dark eye circles constantly visible which I hated it much!! Dark circle look adorable on panda but NOT on me!!! To hide the dark circle you need a good concealer or to be specific colour correcting cream/ concealer. I have made quite a number of research before making concealer purchase but finally I decided to purchase this Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette instead on just skin tone concealer. Reason being is that I can do much more thing with these palette since it also have skin tone cream concealer on it!

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette (7)

I screen through a few other colour correcting palette available in the market and so far I can select either from Bobbi Brown, MAC or Zoeva. Bobbi Brow & Zoeva is too big for me as I am not a makeup artist, thus most of the colour will be useless for me…

image Bobby Brown Concealer Palette
image Zoeva Concealer & Corrector Palette

MAC ones I feel too heavy and cakey feeling when I try on. Not sure why but I don’t quite like MAC foundation and concealer I feels it’s too thick for my liking… But I do love their lipstick! So I decided to pick MUFE Camouflage Cream since it has just the right colour I needed and it’s very very pigmented and easy to use. I waited for two months for the stock to arrived… Apparently it’s the most sought after palette by make-up artist too…


Thanks to their dense texture, the Camouflage Cream Palettes allow any type of correction. Highly concentrated in pigments, they are perfect for covering dark spots and other skin blemishes and unifying the complexion, even when wearing light makeup. The natural shades are especially effective to hide dark circles or puffy eyes, pigment stains and scars. The corrective shades conceal hyper-pigmented areas. There is total of 5 Camouflage Cream Palettes to cater to all skin types. I chose palette 5 which contains the MAKE UP FOR EVER’s 5 main corrective shades.
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette (5)
Product Info

Product Name : Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette (no 5)
Net Weight : 2g x 5
Price : RM 150
Where to Buy : Make Up For Ever Store & Sephora Store Nationwide(Malaysia) | Make Up For Ever Store (International)
Shade : There is 5 palette with different shade to choose from

Come in a light weight plastic casing with see through top cover which is very convenient for user to see the shade inside the palette. It’s easy to bring along for travel to but I don’t think this will be convenient to chuck inside the handbag for daily on-the-go.
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette (7)
I do love the simple and clean look of the palette… The cover is easy to open unlike some palette take me few minutes to unlock the cover… Entire palette casing has not sharp edges which will not scratch on my skin when handling the palette… Some lower end palette casing tend to have sharp edger that I scratch my skin when I’m in a rush!
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette (9) 
Texture, Shade & Scent
First of it doesn’t have any funny scent the common concealer or foundation scent la…. It comes in 5 shade which I use all of them except the yellow green (dark skin tone) and the mauve shade.
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette (8)
Here are the swatch on my hand…
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette swatch
For texture wise I find it very creamy and thick. If I use it alone on my eyes it will be too drying.. However for face it was ok to use it straight on to cover up any imperfections. It’s really thick and if you have dry skin I highly recommend to properly moisturise your face and use a creamy primer so you can blend this concealer easily…
How to Use
Let me explain what are these colour are used for..
13 Light Beige – You can use this as the common concealer. I usually only use this when I don’t have time to correct the tones….and sometime I use it as a highlighter. Oh I also like to use to erase my lip edge of lipstick that is out of my lip line for finishing to make my lip colour look clean.
16 Yellow Green – No idea why is this colour named as Yellow Green.. I use this for contouring most of the time… I use this the least as I prefer using powder for contouring over cream because it take lesser effort to blend… This can also be used to erase bumps but I have not try yet..
17 Green –  This colour is to correct any redness on the face like blemishes and rashes.
18 Mauve – This is use to correct uneven tone or any yellow bruising. I usually use this around eye lid and side of nose. Most of the time I usually skip this because my eye primer & foundation can do that too… If I am doing a dramatic makeup with full coverage I will then use this to correct uneven tone on my face.
20 Orange – My favourite colour so far because this can diminish my dark eye circle instantly and effortlessly!! Basically you can use this to correct any dark scar,eye circle and any dark spot
Now how to use them? I usually use my concealer brush to pick up some product and pump a tiny amount of my liquid foundation and mix it on my hand. You can use a mixing plate if you have it else just use hand! After that I use the concealer brush to tap the mixture on the area I want to cover and hide. After that I use my concealer buffer brush to blend the colour onto my skin to create a flawless finish. Important that any colour correcting should be done before applying foundation. So apply this colour corrector after your prime your face.
Cindy’s Thought
I will never stop telling you my readers how great this is… Even in real life I constantly told my friend how amazing this palette is!! It’s so creamy and pigmented and I don’t need a lot to cover my imperfections. A little goes a long way!! However, there’s a pull back that I must not use it alone as it will be too thick and will settle onto my lines and wrinkle especially on my eye area. All in all I absolutely love this palette for it being able to cover up all my imperfection perfectly…
During my lazy day, I will just do the cover up with the right shade and then dust on some loose powder and draw my brows and a coat of mascara and I’m done…. It make my not so full coverage foundation look so flawless and perfect…. Now let me show you some before and after picture for comparison!
Below two picture is just to show my dark eye circle after I apply the orange colour corrector + liquid foundation mixture.
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette (2)
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette (10)
Here is the completed look where I also use the green cream colour corrector mixture to cover any redness and then apply another layer of foundation. the I top it off with a layer of loose powder to set the liquid foundation in place. Is my after picture big different? No more dark circles…
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette AFTER
Not convinced yet? Let’s compare using normal concealer and this palette to cover dark circle..
Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette AFTER1
Even thought this is a extra step in my make up routine but I don’t feel it take up too much time, maybe additional 5minutes? The outcome is really flawless and why wouldn’t I spare the 5 minutes? Totally worth the 5 minutes effort! If you want to get this colour corrector, you better be fast as it is selling like hot cakes!! I waited for 2month for the new stock to arrive! Hope this review help you girls who have problem with dark eye circles and blemishes.. This is really a great product to cover up all the imperfections. Time to say good bye!!! See you in another post muahhh…


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