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Bag of Love April Edition Celebrating Mother of Earth!

I’m a little late for this review…^_^. One part is I was so busy at work and been flying around a lot lately. Well I’m slowly getting back on track and I have tried all the item in the bag!! A full review it is!!! ** But it will be super detailed and long post!! ^_^

I think there is no need further introduction on Bag of Love! I have talk about it in my few other post. Well if you are a new reader then you might wanna check out my previous post on Bag of Love!

So April Bag featuring all the organic product in support with Earth Month. It is called Little Beauty Bag and contains 5 deluxe size product. The bag made of bleach-free canvas, it may look delicate by it is very durable. Mimi has tested the bag numerous time by throwing the bag on the floor and product does not leak or spill out.

What’s inside the Little Beauty Bag?

Bag of Love1

#1 PHYTOJOBA Intense Hydrating Brilliance Shampoo for Dry Hair

PHYTOJOBA Says “I nurture and soften distressed locks. I am an aromatic, coconut-based shampoo, formulated to cleanse while instantly rehydrating hair with jojoba oil, and a unique concentration of cornflower and mallow extracts (40%).”

imagePHYTOJOBA Intense Hydrating Brilliance Shampoo 50ml, RM88 for 200ml

Cindy Says “ I think it does soften my stressed locks instead of distressed locks… Perhaps printing error on it’s label! The coconut aroma does smell good and the Jojoba oil does really hydrate my hair!”

The texture/ scent : Light milky liquid. Easy to lather on my hair, won’t create too much frictions! Love the yummy coconut scent!!

Facts you should Know : The can is recyclable. You can either refill it with shampoo and bring it for travel! Super convenient! If you are earth lover than plant a seed in the can! It can make a good decoration at your office desk! It’s free from Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals and Phthalates.

Where to get it? Robinsons The Gardens, Sephora and selected Sasa & Parksons Shopping Centre.

More info check out :,

#2 The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist

Body Shop Says “My encapsulation technology will ensure bursts of active fragrance will be released throughout the night, as the body moves, to aid more satisfying sleep. Special relaxing ingredients of jujube date and Community Trade camomile combine to balance and soothe and promote tranquil sleep.”


The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist 60ml, RM59 for 100ml 

Cindy Says “It’s very addictive!! It seem that I can’t live without it every night. It help to relaxed my mind and made me fell asleep quickly and promote a dreamy sleep! I met my prince charming these few day!! oops only in my dream”

The texture/ scent : Highly activated liquid with some bubble on the side, as I accidentally spray on my face! Ouch it hurts…So remember it’s only for body not face usage.

How to Use? Spray onto the body, pillow or sheets before bedtime.

Facts you should Know : You need to wait for a minute or two for the scent to vaporize to your surrounding. If you immediately sleep on the pillow, the scent burst near your eyes might cause you to tear!

Where to get it? Body Shop Nationwide.

#3 Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuaçu Butters Body Lotion

Burt’s Bee Says “I pamper your skin with softening Cocoa and Cupuaçu Butters and nourishing botanical moisturisers like Sunflower and Olive Oils. I have a rich aroma of Cocoa Butter and a hint of Vanilla. I am Clinically proven to moisturise for up to 24 hours and I leaves dry skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy, naturally. I can be absorbs quickly and I made from non-greasy formula.”

imageBurt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuaçu Butters Body Lotion 6.5ml, RM62.80 for 170ml 

Cindy Says “ Truth to what it claims! Great scent with non greasy texture. If you are in air conditioned room it keep me moisturized up to 12 hours. I think it is very depending on your skin type.”

The texture/ scent : Yellowish thick creamy texture that smells so good!

Facts you should Know : Using almost 100% natural ingredients. They try to use as many as possible natural ingredients in their product. The made their container recyclable like the aluminium container.

Where to get it? Sephora or

#4 Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30 PA+++

Nuxe Says “With the adoption of the flowers extracts and natural mineral pigments, I can adorn the skin tone, and at the same time I whiten and moisturize the skin. I packed with SPF30 PA+++ to protect the skin against UVA and UVB. I am added with fresh plant aroma ingredients, instant sooth taut skin and mood.”

imageNuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ 15ml, RM120 for 30ml

Cindy Says “ This is one of the BB cream I love as it does not whiten my face like a vampire. Instead it match with my skin tone to cover the imperfections. I find it moisturizing and does not become flaky at the end of the day. It keep my face oil free too even after 8 hours of application. However, I did not see flawless skin as it is not able cover some of the redness and blemishes on my face.


The texture/ scent : Not too creamy texture more like a light texture of liquid foundation. I do not find is has plant aroma…It’s almost scentless

How to use? On cleansed face, dot a pea-sized amount on T-zone, cheeks and chin then blend out.

Facts you should Know : It is free from oil and Paraben preservatives. It will not clog pores and can be use as a make up base! No wonder the coverage is so much..But it give me a tanned and healthy skin glow!!!

Where to get it? Sasa Nationwide

More info:

#5 Decleor Hydra Floral Cream

Decleor Says “ I helps to draw water by encouraging hyaluronic acid* synthesis to plump up the skin. I improves the circulation of water by increasing the synthesis of aquaporins*, real cell irrigation channels, for optimal hydration (Wild Pansy Extract). I also encourage water binding on the surface of the skin to prevent dehydration (Samphire Extract). I also help prevents internal imbalances of the epidermis.”

imageDECLEOR Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream 15ml, RM271 for 50ml

Cindy Says “ I’m not a scientist nor a doctor so I will not be able to identify whether it helps draw water or help improve water circulation. I can only tell it can help prevent dehydration but not at a critical dry ambient (i.e in air conditioned room). If it used in the day on a room temperature then it work fine.”

How to use? Apply in the morning and evening to cleansed face and neck.

Facts you should Know : With 85% of its ingredients derived from natural origins and with no parabens or mineral oils, your skin will exude beauty from within.

Where to get it? Zalora

More info:

#6 Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial

Bag of Love4DECLEOR Signature Aromaplasty Facial, 1hr 45 min @ RM98 instead of RM230

Decleor Says “I am a multi-vitamin treatment with a delicious and surprising texture. I comforts, nourishes and relaxes with 100% natural flax seeds, wheat germ and sunflower seeds.”

Decleor Facial

Cindy Says “Mimi told us that this is her favourite and most relaxing facial she ever tried. I trust her and I give it a try! I actually don’t like going for facial. First it’s so painful during extraction and I feel my skin become so thin every time after facial. This facial is one of a kind. It gave me a a whole new feel on facial and truly a very pleasant facial treatment. The extraction were not as painful as usual and the Beauty Therapist’s skill is marvellous. The facial massage as well as the product that they use in this treatment is extremely soothing and relaxing. I would go back for this facial treatment as it does really make my face so supple and baby skin…..Though their price range is slightly above average but their product are of natural ingredient and has aromatherapy effect! Mimi, I’m going to blame you on this for making me splurge for their package!!! ”

The Steps (Total 1 Hr 45 Min) :

a) Milk Cleanser – Cleanse deeply into your pores. I seriously love the light texture and the scent!!!

b) Double Cleansing (Using Foam) – Cleanse the external layer.

c) Toner – To minimize the pores

d) Scrub – Exfoliates to remove dead skin. It felt like a peeling gel with micro beads. It will create a more radiant skin!

e) Steam & Extraction – To remove black heads, white heads and oil seed. Surprisingly it’s not so painful and it was quick and my skin is clear from all the dirt and unwanted heads..If you know what I mean. Prolly the product the use contain aromatherapy substance which help relax my mind and reduce the pain during extraction!

f) Face Massage (total about 10min) – First round using Rose Serum and second round using Rose Balm. Ahhhhhh I love the rose balm scent and the massage is so good…..I want to go back next month!

g) Neck + Shoulder Massage (total about 5min) – Similarly good!

h) 1st Mask – Using cleansing Mask to deeply cleanse the clogged pores. This is very refreshing and light! I love it on my face! Feel like purchasing it for my home usage.

i) Second Mask – Vitamin mask also known as Aromaplasty. This mask smell like a very yummy oat..The whole 15 minutes lying on the bed feeling very hungry…Feel like licking it! LOL….It’s actually a clay type mask.

Decleor7with Aromaplasty mask!

j) Wash off – Using a hot towel to wipe off the mask with a short massage added on the face.

k) Toner, Eye Gel & Moisturising – Using the Harmonie range for the moisturizing cream. Extremely light and make my face super smooth and soft!

Decleor Aromplasty

Facts you should Know :  My face instantly brighten up and I can see my skin radiant is enhanced. This is not only a facial treatment but also includes Aromatherapy treatment. You will definitely distressed at the end of this session!

***If you like to try out this facial treatment then you can try it at a discounted price. Three different treatment to choose from. Applicable for first time client only.


Decleor Outlets:  Mid Valley, The Curve, Publika Gallery and One Utama

More info:

#7 Definite Contour Brush

Definite Says “ I am made of super-soft, high-grade goat hair, I blends powder effortlessly over the face for a smooth and professional finish”

imageDEFINITE Contour Brush (Full Size), RM88

Cindy Says “ Contouring is so easy with this brush. The soft and high-grade goat hair blend the powder well and create a flawless finish!”

Outlook : The handle is not too short so it is relatively easy to hold! Sadly, the brush has a unpleasant smell even after I wash it!!

Facts you should Know : Contouring can help to shape your face to give a squarer, sharper or softer curves look. Using the right brush for contouring is very important. the wrong brush may not create the shape you look for. It may cause your face out of shape.

Where to get it? Bag of love. Stay tune for the upcoming May bag! You may be able to collect another brush from Definite!!!

Is Little Beauty Bag Good?

Doing better month after month! Thumbs up!


A sneak peak for May Bag!








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