Coffee or Tea?

Good Morning, are you having your cup of coffee now? Do you have them every morning before you kick start your work? or you prefer a cup of aromatic English tea? For me I do need a cup of coffee to kick start my morning but since my office doesn’t have any coffee machine anymore I do not drink coffee in the morning now..The 3in1 coffee generally sucks!! I got so used to the coffee extracted fresh from the bean with added frothy milk!! Are you a coffee person like me too?? As far as I love coffee I share the same love for tea too…

COFFEE OR TEA source: Left | Right

I start to buy my own tea at home like a year ago… Before this I always order from the cafe or just buy those normal tea bag to drink!! Lately, I’m into collecting special tea flavours and my collection is slowly building up!


My all time favourite now is these tea from TWG… The luxury tea from a company originated from Singapore! I have silvermoon and French earl grey! Last time I used to hate earl grey and jasmine but now I love them loads…. Haha flicked mind! I absolutely love the French earl grey (mixture of lavender and earl grey). If you love lavender you will love this too… Silvermoon are more sweet because it contains berries and green tea leaves make it taste so soothing…


I wish when I have my own house later, I will have a coffee and tea station… By then I will buy nice tea set and also nice tea container…. I can’t wait for the days to come!!! Next year will be my big year…
Then I have these tea from Sri Lanka, a friend gave me as souvenir!! Magic Night (The blue one) taste very similar to silver moon but more intense as it contains black tea… I have not try the red ones but it look so pretty!! I can’t wait to try them soon!!


and these organic lavender chamomile tea is the latest tea I bought and it’s non caffeinated.. So I can drink them even when I about to go to bed… I got this tea from Jaya Grocer and it I love the packaging especially the lilac colour box!! Oh they also gave me two more sachets of other flavour…


And some of these tea I got from night market…Not the best tea but I love the fresh floral petals…and yeah they don’t comes in a good packaging! Rose tea are my favourite but these rose doesn’t really have the very nice aroma!!


Next I think I want to buy T2 tea from Australia and Mark & Spencer tea too… I have tried T2 at Bens but have not try Mark & Spencer ones…. I heard many say Mark & Spencer taste amazing!! Gonna buy one box real soon!!! Generally I love floral & fruit teas…

“ Question: Are you a tea lover or a coffee lover or BOTH? Which is your favourite tea? ”

Just a short updates from me..Till then…See you in next post..



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