Heart Broken

Sorry reader this post is a little emo ya… I just need a place to write down my sadness….

Don’t ask me how and why…I can only say conclusion is we need to pay RM2000 because Thomas dropped a camera…. I know you might say ask Thomas to pay for it..but it doesn’t make a difference..It’s still our money….

At this moment my heart is really aching…I never felt so sad… The last I cry when I woke up was with one of my ex-company where I felt way too stress that I woke up crying every morning before head to project site.

Do you know how long it takes for me to earn the 2k?? It’s effing long..I have to burnt many midnight oil for it!!!!!!! Thousands of calls and emails to earn that back!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday morning I was really happy as I am driving down to Malacca with the new Honda Hybrid Civic and also I managed close a big project that I have been planning for months from sketch…. In the afternoon, I receive the bad news and I was heart broken…Do you know how hard is it for me?

I am in Malacca far away from my family and when I am sad I wish I could sped and pump up the music and cry out really loud…But I can’t cry…why? Because I am with friend and I need to control…

I remember clearly, there’s a moment when she went down to buy something I just can’t hold it any more..I burst into tears like really badly….I was really sad…There’s nothing I could do….I wish I could hug my friend… or play loud music? or cry out really loud? When she return to car I force myself to suck it up!!!!!!! That was hard..really hard… It hit me real hard..

p/s Fish I’m sorry for making you to deal wit the emo me…

Life is unpredictable isn’t it? In the morning I was soo happy…It was the happiest moment of my life and few hour later it became the saddest time of my life……..

At night I decided to head to sleep hoping it will make me feel better the next morning but I’m wrong..It’s just too pain..I woke up with tears and swollen eyes…

To all friends who messaged me thank you for comforting…I hope god would give me some miracles…

Signing off..

Heart Broken Cindy


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