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[Product Review] Ludeya Bio Cellulose Mask

Good morning peeps…Yesterday I spend whole day designing my blog…Phew I was about to give up and purchase a new template…Well, thanks to informative info from some blog and friends I manage to have my blog design… I’ve long for slider and drop down menu for my blog!!!!!!!!! Finally have it now!!!!!! How you all like it??

Okay let’s move on to the mask now… This is the first time I am using Bio Cellulose Mask and I never expect it to be this good. I fall in love with the mask when it was fitted on my face just like second skin. Let me go through one by one why I loveeeee them so much!




Before I go further let me share with you a little about Ludeya. Ludeya is originally from Taiwan and is now available in all Sa Sa store in Malaysia. Ludeya’s goal is to pursuit skin perfection and with the latest exclusive technology of Bio Cellulose, the mask can completely bond with skin and effectively penetrate the essence into skin deepest layer. Bio Cellulose is initially used as substitute for burnt skin on medical, reason behind is it’s breathable but waterproof characteristic.

This specially formulate mask is made of hydro velour. What is Hydro Velour Bio Cellulose Mask??

  • Hydro velour, a kind of bio cellulose membranes that is produced by Acetobacter via fermentation process.
  • It is chemically pure, free of lignin and emicellulose, high crystallinity and high DP, diameter 1/100 of that of plant cellulose, complex polysaccharide with crystalline morphology, Biodegradable and more resistant to hydrolysis than starch.
  • It has a high purity, high mechanical strength, fine reticular tissue and high water absorptive power with excellent expansibility.
  • The density gradient configuration not only enhances the transfer efficiency of essence from membrane to the dermal but also provides perfect fit to your skin.

How to Use?







Texture & Scent

I must say I really love the gel-ish texture of this mask…It is not too thin, just right that it won’t tear off easily. The silky surface of the mask is so cooling and it does fit my face perfectly. Sufficient to cover my wide round face. The mask adhere to my skin like second skin…It’s does not slip off easily and the accompany scent is so refreshing. The only set back is the eye and mouth opening is pretty small. I have to stretch it a little bit to open up the opening. Other than that it’s perfect and by far this is the mask that fit my face perfectly!!!!!!!

My Thoughts

Before that, this is my face before I apply the mask!


There is totally 4 types available in the market and all of them come with brightening effect which is pair with 4 different functions.

1. Brightening Moisturising – For dullness & uneven skin (whitening & brightening)


Woah can you see the instant brightening on my face? My face felt so supple and smooth after the mask application!!!

Ludeya11After Brightening Moisturising Mask

2. Rejuvenating Moisturising – For aging skin & uplifting (moisturising & uplifting)


Don’t quite feel the moisturizing effect. It does feel the same like other mask but less brightening. However, this has more minty feeling compare to the other which give the rejuvenating feeling!  

Ludeya6After Rejuvenating Moisturising Mask

3. Repairing Moisturizing – For sensitive skin (skin repairing & moisturising)


Oh this has the least minty feeling among all. This mask give me a smoother and radiant face. My face felt more moisturized and soft…

Ludeya8After Repairing Moisturizing Mask

4. Hydro White Moisturising – For dry & dullness skin (whitening & pore minimizing)


This has the most obvious whitening effect….It’s like I put on a lighter shade foundation! Sadly I don’t feel the pore minimizing effect, probably because it’s only one application so the effect is not visible.

Ludeya15After Hydro White Moisturising Mask


RM 65.90 per box consist of 3 pcs of similar mask.


I love the texture of the mask as it really fit perfectly and this is the best fit mask on my beauty book!!!!!! Beside that, I was amazed by it’s brightening and whitening effect which is almost immediate. However, I do feel the price is a little too steep for me but I might repurchase as I really love the after effect (brightening & whitening).

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