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Unzipping Party with Delectable Treats & Bag of Love

My life has been quite sweet lately..With all the lovely invites to tea party, beauty product launch and food review. Mostly are related to sweet stuff like candies, desserts, sweet scented beauty product and girls in sweet dress attending… Oh so sweet…

That day I was really exhausted as I woke early to catch Samsung S4 launch from Times Square to Lowyat and then head straight to Paradigm Mall to party with all the Butterflies.

Thanks to mama Butterfly, Tammy for putting so many effort organizing this heavenly party. Yes I won invites to the Unboxing or better named as Unzipping Party with Delectable Su & Bag of Love in my previous post. Weee….very happy to be selected…I was a little worried that I might not win this!

So I dressed up in a simple Spaghetti Top with Woven Skirt to the party! With my favourite chunky jewel necklace of course! How you like my outfit?


I was rather early even though I was rushing..thank god I make it on time… Arrived at Delectable Treats by Su and see a whole area decorated with sweet candies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, finger food and anything sweet and savoury.


Do you wanna grab a bite now?? Well you can if you are at Gardens or Paradigm Mall as Delectable Treats by Su is located in these two location. The one at Paradigm had ample space for those who like to have a cuppa tea over the morning or for a tea break after a long day working… If you can’t leave your job then just go during the lunch time and grab a few cakes and save it for tea break in your pantry later in the evening.


More cupcakes and candies…..Do you wanna sink your teeth in it now? Well you can get your car and drive to Delectable now!!! Joke aside let’s move on the the party.


Delectable-Sue10_thumbThe Bag of Love & Butterfly project Cupcakes…Ahhhh so lovely..

Lucky me as I am treated with a sweet affair last month along with other butterflies which is equally sweet!


Can’t help but to selca with the pastry and cakes…. Actually I can’t wait to bite on it too…But as we were waiting for others to arrive I just gotta hold on for a little while!

Delectable-Sue8_thumb1My tea table…

Delectable-Sue17_thumb1Me with the delectable cakes and candies..

Look at the bag prepared by Bag of Love for us!!! I love the cursive font on the bag!!!

Delectable-Sue11_thumbBag of Love April Edition, The Earth Bag!

image_thumbAll butterflies arrived….

When everyone arrived we butterflies sit tight on our cute little chair listening to our mama speech (Tammy). She is a very outgoing and happy person! Can you see through this picture of the smiles that worth a thousands words?


Blogging is her passion and she love meeting new with people. That is why she created this Butterfly project a community that allows all the blogger to gather together to share their passion in blogging.

Another highlight of the day is the sweet and capable lady behind Bag of Love, Mimi. She was initially a beauty writer for Women Magazine and she decided to leave the job and start up Bag of Love using her knowledge on beauty product. I admire her determination in pursuing her dream!


We couldn’t help but to bite on the cakes and scones while sipping on tea while Tammy and Mimi giving the speech!

I must say the carrot cakes and salted caramel walnut is my favourite. I just couldn’t stop taking more and more….

Usually I don’t like chewing on raisin but this time the raisin in the Carrot Cake taste good. The carrot flakes pair so well with the soft and buttery cake. I’m sold!

Delectable-Sue28_thumb7Carrot Cake

I know what you looking at!!! Sarah cute nail arts!!!! Wei I am going to talk a bout the cashew not her nails!!! LOL….

Come back to the cashew please….. The crunchy cashew nut coat with a layer of salted caramel is a great snack to chew to have a break in between the cakes.. This is better than popcorn!! I would love to replace my popcorn with this in cinemas…

image_thumb9Roasted Cashew Nut

Move on to something exciting..Sweet and bitter, Tiramisu!! It’s a excitement when each layer of flavour in the tiramisu burst in my mouth…Mystery yet delicious…


I love the Chocolate Macaron..Not too sweet..but I can’t taste what flavour it is except the chocolate fillings!!


Look at those melting chocolate filling of these Fruit Tart!!! Fresh raspberry and blueberry with sweet melting chocolate puree…oh so heavenly….

Delectable-Sue27_thumb5Chocolate Fruit Tart

Overall view of my tea set for 2 which cost only RM 28.00 together with a pot of your desired tea. If you want a set only cater to you then you only have to pay RM 15!! This offer valid daily from 2 – 6pm.


Current Promotion!!


It’s time to unzip the bag!!!




This month Bag of Love is made of bleach-free canvas and the little Bag of Love tag (inside) is of recycled non-woven material. Though delicate, the bag is extremely heavy-duty! Mimi told us she tried throwing the bag few time on the floor and nothing happen.. Everything still intact. Sadly, she told us that some of the girls complain that the bottle cap is not tighten and it leaks…She is very sad over it and promise to send the girls a new bag…

I said thumbs up to Mimi quick action to replace all the bags…

Delectable-Sue23_thumbLittle Beauty Bag content…

So what’s inside the bag?

1. Definite Contour Brush (RM88)

2. The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist (RM59 for 100ml)

3. Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream (RM271 for 50ml)

4. Decleor Signature Aromatherapy Facial Voucher, 1hr 45min (@RM 98 , NP RM 230)

5. Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA+++ (RM120 for 30ml)

6. Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuacu Butters Body Lotion (RM62.80 for 170ml)

7. Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo (RM88 for 200ml)

As usual this Little Beauty Bag does not disappoint me! My top favourite is the Body Shop Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist. It ensure I sleep soundly…Almost late to work.. LOL. The second favourite item is the Blusher Brush from Definite!! Same with the debut bag which also have brush from the same brand….. I think the next bag will have the brush too..You have to subscribe to collect all the brushes!!!

Well I’m not going to do a full review for Little Beauty Bag as it will be another separate post for it!

During this tea party, I met with many gorgeous butterfly…Some are students..some are model…some are teacher…I really enjoy talking to them and we share a lot of things about blogging… Im gonna type the granma story here…else you might just fall asleep…So to end this post, I’m gonna show you all my picture with the butterflies…

Delectable-Sue32_thumbfrom left Angeline Ng, Swee San, Me, Li Chuen and behind Emily

Delectable-Sue19_thumb1Me and Mimi

Delectable-Sue20_thumb1from left Kah Mon (Bendan), Me and Chou Lin

Delectable-Sue30_thumb1from left Mimi, Me and Tammy

Delectable-Sue31_thumb1Me and Farah

Oh almost forgot, each of the butterfly get these cute little badge as a gift from Delectable Treats.


Ok signing off now…Stay Tune for my review of Little Beauty Bag kay?

Delectable Treats by Su

LG-72, Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya. (Next to Tesco)

Contact No: 03-78875157


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