Important Things to Know When You’re Starting Out in Baking

I have been baking a lot lately, so today let me share with you some of things to know when you’re starting out.

Invest in high quality baking supplies

Too often we neglect the importance of quality be it in terms of baking ingredients or baking tools and then wonder why our baking product doesn’t taste as good as the professionals. Besides baking methods and recipes, the quality of your baking supplies can definitely give you a slight edge over others. Just imagine, if you’re using cheap non branded chocolate versus a high quality Callebaut chocolate for a cake, which cake would taste better given that the same baking methods are used for both of these cakes? Hands down, the cake using Callebaut chocolate as its ingredient.

Similar baking ingredients are not necessarily the same

A big misconception in baking is that certain ingredients can be replaced with another similar type. For example, although baking powder and baking soda are somewhat similar, there’s a significant difference between the two which can affect the outcome of a baking product. Another good example would be Mauripan instant dry yeast compared to active dry yeast. Both are yeast yet one can be mixed straight into dry ingredients while the other is required to dissolve in water. The next time a scenario like this comes up, be sure to do careful research to ensure the final baking product is exactly how you want it.

Don’t rush into a recipe

More often than not, we get so over excited about baking something that we tend to quickly read through a recipe and miss out on important details such as what baking utensils are needed or what specific baking method must be used during the baking process. This could very well have a huge effect on the final taste and texture of a product that you’re baking as you could have been using the wrong baking utensil or baking method without realizing it.

Enjoy the journey of baking

Unless you’re a prodigy, you’re probably not going to get the result that you expect the first time you start baking. Your cake may look funny instead of having that perfect circular shape or your muffin may look like a deflated disappointment but don’t beat yourself up over it. Remember, everyone starts out as a beginner before they become an expert and you are no exception to the rule. So, accept that you will make mistakes but be sure to learn from them. Most important of all, enjoy the journey of baking.

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