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Rockaway Grill + Bar Menu & Review

If you are in for a ride in a Wild Wild West, you came to the right place. with Country Song playing through the night, Rockaway Grill + Bar will keep your night filled with Cowboy mood!!! The Bar is well decorated according to the wild wild west theme, with ropes wrapping wall columns, Bull Head Wall Decor, Cowboy Wall Grafitti, Barrel table and off course Cowboy Hat! The ambiance is spectacular but wait till you see the extensive Rockaway Grill + Bar menu, you will be blown away with the selections and also a few rare dish that you can’t get anywhere else in Malaysia. I have sample almost all of them so read on to see which is must order when you visit Rockaway!


We sampled almost the entire menu, and which shall we begin first? Ermmm let’s just start with the appetizer, what will be better than to start the meal with salad. This Pocatello, salad filled with grilled Brisket, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, chives & Roguefort Cheese (Blue Cheese) is my favourite. Poke my fork into layers of grilled brisket, lettuce and crumbs of the cheese filled my mouth with explosive flavours from the cheese and the melt in the mouth brisket is just so good!! Best Salad! Great for those who wants unique flavour rather than the common caesar salad.

Pocatello – Brisket Cobb Salad

In their menu, there’s few more other salad you can choose from, we only try this and we highly recommend ordering this!

Another Appetizer Rockaway Bar + Grill Menu is Pork Sausages Roll. Great bites while you wait for the main dish. 

Twin Falls, Pork Sausages Roll



We sample both of their Supreme Burgers. If you don’t want the trouble to think of which patty or sauce to pair with you can select either Lincoln or Washington Burger. If you feeling  a little creative you can customize your own burger by choosing your preferred patty, toppings and dressing.

Their signature Lincoln Burger also feature Wild Boar Patty. Something really rare and I am trying this for the first time. Now Wild Boar meat is dark red in color and more lean and rich flavour. Aside from the wild boar patty, there’s also beef patty with bacon on the top. Sandwiched with cheese and fresh lettuce, cucumber and tomato ohhh every bite is so fulfilling. The meat patty is really tender and flavourful.

Lincoln Burger

Washington Burger on the other hand uses chicken patty that is flooded with goey cheddar cheeseee with jalapeno sauce…… Such an explosive combo but surprisingly the jalapeno is not too spicy, well for someone who don’t take spicy food I think it’s consider mild. 

Washington Burger

Both burger were good on its own but wild boar patty sure score more points for me. Also did you noticed those fat crunchy fries on the side? Those chip is so so good! Crunch exterior and soft inside. One of the best fries in my book!

Next we have sandwich with steak, cheese, sauteed mushroom and caramelized onions the Winter Haven also known as Philly Steak and Cheese, a famous dish in the states.  I really love this one especially the steak and mushroom. I didn’t manage to take a photo of this, I think it’s so good that it went down to our tummy before I can feed my camera.


Cowboy theme must have Ribs & Grill!!! Rockaway special Wild Boar Ribs come pairing with the Hellfire XXL sauce will get you wanting for more! This ribs is only available in Rockaway, you can get it else where as you need special license for this. This Scottbluff Smoked Veal Wild Hogs is grilled to perfection, very lean which I like. I dislike ribs with layers of fats and this is just perfect.

Scottbluff Smoked Veal Wild Hogs

I love pork ribs especially those that fell off the bones when you fork in, this Greybill Smoked Spare Ribs did just that. It’s juicy, soft and tender meat filled with smoky aroma.

Greybill Smoked Spare Ribs

Not enough of ribs? Laramite Whole Slab Ribs might be another great choice.

Laramite Whole Slab Ribs



Now can we talk about pasta? I didn’t expect the pasta to be so delicious even after tasted so many burger and ribs but this Spicy Clam Leek Pasta is sooo good! It’s not overly spicy, the whole flavour of the spice, the clam and the al-dente spaghetti is really yummy. 

Casper -Spicy Clam Leek Pasta

Another pasta comes with Gigantic Prawns. Well I believe prawns is juicy and good by the looks of it. I didn’t get to try the prawns but the pasta has a tad too much chili flakes for my liking. The spaghetti is cooked with mixture of garlic, white wine and minced crab meat. 

St. George, Tiger prawn and Minced Crab Pasta



We also try the Buffalo Honey Wings while the size were huge I still like my Buffalo Chicken Wing coated with hot sauce . It’s perfectly fried but not the buffalo wing I expect it to be. As fried chicken wing I think this is really well done. For those who want Crispy Fried Buffalo Chicken Wing this is a great choice.

Eugene- Buffalo Honey Wings

Being a fish lover, I think only a few places make really tender Fish & Chip that is crispy but not hard, You know the type where you put in your mouth and the crispy batter doesn’t scratch your mouth palate? This Fish & Chip is one of those that goes into my mouth nicely and the fish still has that sea sweetness (not frozen). Nicelly Battered too! Like I mentioned earlier the fries is really fantastic! Thinking bout it, I am craving for it now!

Columbus Traditional Fish & Chips

Another fish dish is Panko Crusted Cod Fish. I fancy the Fish & Chips over this. I find this is rather too bland for me.

Panko Crusted Cod Fish

I Love Hot Stones, well basically everything hot. This Wichita Lamb Steak serves in hot stones so you can adjust the dones of the lamb yourself. Remember to ask the chef to prepare is rare so by the time it serve on the table it’s just right…Well for me I like them medium well (pink but no blood)…. So I will prolly let it cooked jus a few more minutes and start cutting them already! The sizzling hot lamb slice were amazing….. 

Wichita Lamb Steak

If Lamb is not your thing there also Petite Fillet Mignon to fix your meat craving.

Petite Fillet Mignon



We tasted two Pizzas that night.

Texas pizza – Pulled Beef 


Daddy’s Breakfast Pizza

Pizza was good but nothing over the top. I’ll recommend ordering ribs or burger instead of this.


If you come in a group, this Meat Lover’s Platter is a must order! Everything in this platter is so good. The fried squids, the beef ribs, the sausage wrapped with bacon and fried chicken bites is perfect pairing for beer!

Meat Lover’s Platter


Below are the full menu in case you want to check out other available option.

In overall I really enjoy the flavours and taste of Rockaway Grill + Bar Menu selection of burgets, pasta, meats and seafoods. One thing I like is that their flavouring is not the overly strong type (not so much MSG) as we prefer mild flavouring now as it’s healthier.  I hate feeling thirsty when dining out which means they put tonnes of MSG in it. So if you are looking for a American Dine out experience do visit Rockaway Grill + Bar in Changkat, KL. 

Rockaway Grill + Bar

20-2, Changkat Bukit Bintang,

Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

I shall end this long review post here. I hope you enjoy this review. See you in the next one.


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