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[GIVEAWAY] Heaven on Earth: Aromatherapy Essential Oils


The grand prize winner goes to Kay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Babe!

and here are the10 winners who won themself a cute vail with prefilled sweet orange oil!

Hello lovely readers…It’s Tuesday, are you feeling stress from the hectic Monday? I’m here for the rescue!! Not sure if you all are excited for my upcoming Blogssary Giveaway after the first one. If you do, here is the next one where I’m going to give out something really precious and it helps to sooth your body and calm your mind. It’s simple that you can do this at your own leisure at home.

imageDo it at your own leisure!

So before I proceed with the Heaven on Earth Aromatherapy Oil Giveaway (located at the bottom of this post), I would like to share with you some info on this Aromatherapy Oils. How many of you got scared away when you hear ‘oils’??? I do actually! I would like what??? So oily???? Let me you tell it’s not oily at all….These oil are are made from earth’s most natural ingredient such as plants, flowers, foliage, seeds, resins and fruits… These oils can be easily absorbed by the body and its not greasy at all and some even smell amazing….

imageEarth’s Nature Ingredient for Aromatherapy Extraction!
How many of you know how to apply these oil? Before this I don’t bother looking for aromatherapy oil because I don’t how to use them and felt it’s just too oily for me…. I got my first Heaven on Earth Jojoba Oil from my HiShop Welcome Pack. I have met with Stella, co founder of Heaven on Earth who share with me the various way on how to use Aromatherapy Oils and the multi benefit that we can get from a single bottle of oil.

Ever since I fell in love with these bottle of oils..They keep my mind relaxed and some help clear my block nose due to sinus and some help me get some good night sleep!! Oh before I forget, there are 2types of oil which can be use by itself or mixed together.

Pure Essential Oils are highly concentrated which has it’s own characteristic and scent that promise to harmonise & rejuvenate one’s soul during therapy session.

Carrier Base oils are commonly use as a diluter. It is used to dilute the volatile essential oils before it is applied to the skin during massage or aromatherapy session to reduce irritation or sensitive reaction on certain individuals.

There are a few ways how you can apply Aromatherapy Oils.

The most common ones are Vaporization where you pour in 10 drops of pure essential oils onto your oil burner bowl filled with water. Light the candle underneath and enjoy the relaxing scent of the oils.

imageVaporization using oil burner!

My favourite ones will be for Facial & Body, I do that almost every night. Mix a few drop of pure essential oils onto carrier oil and massage over your head (near forehead), hands, shoulder & neck, body and legs.

imageBody massage!

Use it as a Refresher on a humid day or a stress day. Mix a few drop into 100ml bottle filled with water. Shake well and spray to deodorize your room or spray onto your face as a refreshing mist or spray to your pillow to aid better sleep.

If you have a bath tub at home, then add a few drop onto the warm water before you soak in for a relaxing soak later…. Great for Bathing!!!

Soak for 10minutes and to release all tense away!

Who is Heaven on Earth (HOE) ??

As our world embraces – or rather, become overwhelmed – with more synthetic drugs churned out in various shapes and purposes, current times today sees a rising demand for a more holistic approach to healthier living lifestyle. Herbal treatments, aromatherapy, and other natural forms of healings are now being revived steadily faster than before.
Heaven on Earth seek to meet these demands and is created for this purpose. Heaven on Earth believes that aromatherapy is a more natural and complementary alternative to modern drugs frequently prescribed by most hospitals, hospices & clinics today.”

What are the types of oils available at HOE?clip_image002[8]
















Too much to choose from?? I have gotten a chance to try out a few pure essential oil and carrier oil too.. I even have 2 bottles of massage bland! Thanks to HOE for sponsoring all the oils for review. Even it is sponsored but it does not affect my thoughts on them. I am planning to buy from them once I used up my stock!!

My favourite among this is the Rest & Calm and Migraine Relief massage blend. They come pre-blend so I don’t need to mixed it! I just need to pour on my palm and massage onto my body before i go to bed. This help to calm my intense brain after whole day of thinking! It also help release some tension on my shoulder with a little massage with my own hand, just a quick 5min is good enough!

Heaven on Earth2The massage blend..

While the Lavender & Peppermint are great too. I love to burn Lavender in my room especially at night… Just so relaxing…For peppermint I fill into a small Vail and put in my car where it will evaporates and give a minty scent all over my car…Natural peppermint scent is my car new air freshener!

Heaven on Earth1The relaxing scent…

As for healing purposes, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree play a good role in healing. I love to mix 2 drops of Eucalyptus, 2 drops of peppermint & 2 drops of tea tree oil into a steaming hot water and cover with a towel to inhale for 3 minutes with eyes closed. This helps to heal my runny and blocked nose!!

Heaven on Earth3The healing duo!

So after reading so many info on these Aromatherapy Oils, do you wan get yourself some too?

As a Cindy’s Planet reader, you are entitled to the following discount:

20% off + Free Delivery within Malaysia
**Additional offer, with purchase above RM 100, customer receive an Immune Booster Massage Blend, 50ml worth RM 49.90 & purchase above RM 50 will get a 5ml Migraine Relief Massage Blend worth RM 29.90
p/s: Just leave your email address onto the Rafflecopter app and I will send you a email when the giveaway ends to redeem the discount.

and drum roll..the prize that I am giving away this week is 1 bottle of Lavender essential oil, 5ml + 1 bottle of Jojoba Oil 15ml + Ceramic Oil Burner. Do you want to win this??? Complete all the entry in the Rafflecopter app to win this lovely set of Aromatherapy Oils!! Bye bye stressed day!!!


Worry Not, there is 9 x Consolation Prize consist of a Vail prefilled with Sweet Orange pure essential oils….You can hang the Vail on your car, wear it on your neck or on your wrist.

imageIsn’t this Vail cute??

So join my blogsarry giveaway now!!! and good luck everyone!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Terms & Conditions

1. This campaign is open to all participants residing in Malaysia only. 
2. To redeem the 20% discount, kindly register via the app and complete all tasks necessary. Do make sure you key in your valid email address as the 20% discount will be redeem based on your email address.
3. Incomplete entries will be void. ** I will do the cross checking to ensure all entries is completed. 
4. Winners will be contacted via e-mail within one week from 23th June 2013.
5. Cindy’s Planet has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the giveaway, subjected to availability of prizes and how the prize will be given/received.
6. 20% discount redemption period is from 27th June to 28th July 2013
** If you would like to purchase this Aromatherapy Oils please drop your enquiry to [email protected]
and for more info on the oils do checkout



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