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Top 16 Most Photogenic Spot in Santorini

Hello everybody… How is your long weekend spend? I believe most of you comeback from a lovely trip. Today I want to share the The Top 16 spots that you must visit in Santorini which very good for photoshoot for both travel photoshoot and prewedding photoshoot. These spot are very photogenic and some are found because we have a local photographer who show us around. Some are quite common like the famous Three Dome church and etc.

If you don’t wish to hire a local photographer, you can carry your own camera and explore all the below spots. If you are looking for some upgrades for your camera, you can use The Hut promo codes for great discounts.

We will Begin with Fira Town first.

1. Three Bell Church Fira (Agios Theodori Church)

This one is quite easy to go, just folow the location I place in the map and drive all the way up. You might want to park at the bottom and walk up instead as it can be crowded sometime.


Three Bell Church Fira


2. Hotel Galini, Fira

Just walk back down and turn to your left from the three bell church and walk to next junction and turn left again. You may see a few restaurant there. Basically, it good to take photograph along the entire path of the Hotel Galini.


3. Hotel Belvedere , Fira

Walk further down from Hotel Galini you will see Hotel Belvedere. The roof of the hotel is perfect for some full white/ blue cloud shot. However, please take note it’s prohibited to take photos on the hotel roof so please do it quick.

We also manage to capture the Fira caldera view from the hotel too 🙂


4. Sunset Caldera in Noussa Restaurant, Fira

This restaurant is located in the middle of the Fira town. So drive to Fira down and walk all the way up to Noussa Restaurant. Just before reaching thr restaurant there a slop where is high enough to capture the caldera sunset view. 

We book our dinner in Noussa Restaurant which is perfect for the full sunset shot.

Now let’s move to Imerovigli.

5. Skaros Rock, Imerovigli

This is another scenic place where there nice view over the sea with unique rock shape surounding it. Reaching to the centre of Imegrovigli, there is a staircase on the rim of the caldera which will lead you to Skaros Rock, a famous site in Santorini.


We did not went to skaros rock as we wanted to go other place instead. We heard it’s quite dangerous to hike into the Skaros Rock so just be careful.

Walkway to the Skaros Rock

Image Source

Skaros Rock

Image Source

6. Ekklisia Profitis Ilias, Oia

Exiting Imerovigli we will reach to a short hike up to Oia, not the famous Oia just before it and it provide dreamy photos opportunity. Shortly, you will arrived at Ekklisia Profitis Ilias, a blue and white chapel on the slope.

Ekklisia Profitis Ilias

As you continue to walk, the trail will go downward; slightly slippery as there are many small stones and rocks on the ground. But it is still considered easy to walk along and also offers some amazing views of the beautiful scenery. We did not go further but if you like to do a full hike all the way to Oia you can checkout this blog. He provide details of hiking trail.

If you did not do the full hike, you can get back to your car and drive to Oia.

7. Parque Oya (Oia)

One of the nice spot in Oia, a parque with a few three (not much, 1 or 2) is a nice quiet spot to take nice picture. As you walk up from your parking space turn to your right and when you reach Malama Jewelery turn to your left. We took picture using our Tripod and not much interruption from passer by.

Parque Oya (Oia)

8. Three Dome Church Oia 

Now the famous church that one must take. This is the spot that you must come if you are in Oia.

Three Dome Church Oia 

When nearing to Sunset do make your way to the Oia Castle.

9. Oia Castle

We did not went to the castle as it is too crowded. Our photographer drive us to another secret location that I could remember the direction now. So, suggest you make your way to the castle.


Sunset in Oia secret spot

10. Amoudi Bay, Oia

Another beautiful spot we missed out is the Amoudi Bay, a colourful port located underneath of Oia. Look at the sea water. It’s superb!! Too beautiful!

Image result for amoudi bay
Amoudi bay, Santorini

Image Source

Now we have done to North side of Santorini, we will now move to the south part.

11. Santo Winery

If you love wine you need to try Santorini wine. It taste very different because the grape that they used are grown in volcanoe. In this winery, you get really breathtaking view of the sea with lots of yatch docking at the jetty. We really enjoy our wine here with the breeze and the view. The wind can be quite strong here so bring a cap or scarf to tied up your hair.

Santo Winery


12. Pygros Village

and when you are on the way to Perissa (Red Beach) you can opt to drive pass Pygros village. There’s plent of nice cliff view on the way. I do not have specific one to stop but below are some we capture on our way.


Pygros Village

13. Red Beach

Funny thing is there’s many beach in santorini but beach activity is not famous here. It’s because they don’t have smooth and fine sand and the sea water can be cold. So people usually come here to admire the view rather than beach activity. So at read beach you will see lots of red rock and mountain surrounding it. 


Red Beach


14. Perissa Beach

Let’s got to another sea. Here the beach are fill with tiny dark stones that can burn your feet. Don’t try to walk on it barefoot! The umbrella by the beach is a nice view to capture.

Perissa Beach

15. Ancient Thira

If you have not enough of history sightseeing this Ancient Thira will blow your mine. We spend a long hour reading those history and checking those statue out. This site is located on top of a hill so the view from the top is amazing as heaven too!


Ancient Thira

The beautiful volcanic flower by the cliff…

16. Kamari Beach

One of our favourite beach is Kamari beach. The view and breeze is the best among all three beach. I can lay on the beach chair all day here…

Image result for kamari beach
Kamari Beach

Image Source


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