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Morco Coffee Relaunching at Sunway Branch

I have been a fan of coffee for a few years now specifically Latte to a point where I actually purchased a manual espresso machine so I can brew my cup of latte at home. At times, I love to visit cafes to try out their latte, Morco is one of it. Moreover there is also latte art jamming that night, so I am extremely excited to be at Morco that night….

MORCO COFFEE has always demonstrate a passion for serving the finest espresso coffee and hand-brewed coffee to everyone. On their 1st Anniversary, MORCO COFFEE introduced their drip coffee pack and expanded their food menu. MORCO COFFEE has consistently provide an environment where great conversations and coffee are shared. “ Our mission here in MORCO COFFEE is to share our passion for brewing a great cuppa of coffee.” said Matthew Chong, CEO OF MORCO COFFEE.

Inside the cafe, furniture were in classic black and dark wood colour that. There is some large table for big group of families or friends or even for those who looking for place for party.

Motivational Painting is up on a few wall which is great to keep us moving forward.

That night the head Barista demonstrate a few coffee brewing method such as V60 and Aeropress Chemex. He also show us how to brew coffee using their convenienr Hi-Fi Drip Coffee pack.

The signature Hi-Fi coffee blend has a nutty & earthy finishing while Monian has a a chocolatey flavour that comes with hints of apricot.

I get to try out cold brew coffee for the first time. I am not a black coffee drinker because I love my coffee with milk but this one taste pretty good…

I was able to get my hand on learning to make latte art… and the first step is to learn how to froth milk…. and I discover that day different machine has different pressure level and that is why I hasnt been able to froth my milk properly at home. The machine I have at home is a small one unlike those comercial one where the pressure is high and frothing can be done in a minute or less. So if you are like me don’t be sad you can’t froth milk like those you see in youtube video because they are using a different machines. The tip to froth the milk is make sure when you froth the milk swirl. You need to find the right position to punch the tip of the frother into the milk where it will swirl… If you have a smaller machine, you may need to froth longer.

We then get to sample a few dish from their new menu. First up is the salad dish Morco Greens, perfect way to start our meal.

Morco Greens

We had this Seafood Pasta that comes with calamari and tiger prawn and with the beautiful flower garnish it does look beautifully appetizing.

Seafood Pasta
The Champ Roast Chicken were our favourite that night which consist of roasted chicken leg served with a bed of sweet pumpkin that comes with savoury flavours. The pumkin mash is a great side to go with the savoury chicken leg…
Champ Roast Chicken

mmmm I always love banana as desser and this Banana Crumble Nuttella sure catch my heart and theres nuttella all over…what’s not to love right?? Comes with crumble and gelato ice cream that will end my night with a sweet ending…

Banana Crumble Nuttella 

Matcha Pancake is also one of the interesting dish on the menu that Im excited to try… However, they ran out of matcha gelato that night and replace with vanila gelato hence I were not able to try the matcha version…. Pancake wise were pretty normal, nothing to shout about.

Matcha Pancake

So if you are around Sunway area, remember to drop by Morco Coffee.

Morco Coffee
15, Jalan PJS 11/9,
Bandar Sunway, 47500
Subang Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hour : Daily 9am- 12pm

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