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Bali Island 6D/5N Day 4 Part 1/2: Journey to the Calming Water

Well well, too much sunset and partying the last few days of our trips…All of us was a bit exhausted last night. So, we decided to wake up slightly late to have sufficient rest. I had arrange a more relaxing activities as well as some pampering session for Day 4 to slow things down. Wanna know how Day 4 goes? continue reading..
Rise and shine when the sun was up high on the sky!
sun rise from west Day Of Judgement: Nasa Confirms Possibility Of Sun Rising From The West
I don’t usually have the luxury to wake up this late when I go holiday especially I sign up tour with those travel agency. This Bali Trip I customized it to be able to visit all places with maximum luxury within my budget! My dream project for 2013 is to be able to create such travel itinerary, customized to every individual or groups of tourist. Well that is some side track..I will tell you more about that little project later!
Let’s get back to Bali, at 11am is when we started our another long journey to Mount Batur located in Kintamani district. But Mount Batur will be the last spot to visit for the day. So, we begin our visit to all sort of water attraction!
First stop will be Tegenungan Waterfall which is located at Kemenuh village, Gianyar, Bali. We all regret stopping by this waterfall, wasted a total of RP 24,000 of entrance fee to this muddy waterfall.
I will not spend even a minute here. I can easily get on of this small and muddy waterfall in Klang Valley. So, please skip this waterfall during your visit to Bali! It’s a waste of time!!

B (592)Yuckss…My day spoiled by this awful water…

Do not be deceived by all the photos in the internet of the white water rushing down from the peak! Even this picture of mine, taken with a very casual way look awesome by far. But look clearly at the brownish and muddy water at the base!
Leaving the muddy water behind, we moved forward to the Holy Water Temple named Tampak Siring Temple also known as Tirtha Empul Temple. This holy spring water is as clear as the crystal and all the bad elements or influences in your body will be purified if you shower with the water.

DPP791Locals and tourist showered by the holy spring water.

The water that showered in this temple is originated from the sacred spring water at the hill. The water is believed to be able to eliminate all kind of diseases including adverse effect in the human life and give the new holy spirits.
If you would like to be purified, please remember to bring extra cloth and towel or you can purchased a sarong at the shop outside the temple.
The temple is built with buildings with fine carvings of Balinese elements and also filled with Garuda elements. We walk around the temple and took some of the temple’s architecture.

DPP803Me at the entrance of one of the temple’s building.


DPP804A display of Garuda statues.
DPP796The arch filled with Garuda elements.
DPP795Stunning statue decorating the columns.

There is also a big fish pond at the centre of the temple.

DPP798Me with the beautiful view of the fish pond.

The is another fond which is enclosed by the wall. We are not allowed to enter but you can view it from the wall. I am amazed by the underwater plant that grows in the pond. Somehow it create a very nice blue and green illusion.

DPP806Stunning pond at Tampak Siring Temple.

We enjoy visiting this place and I will definitely go for the holy spring water shower in my next visit to Bali.
Tampak Siring

  • Distance: 1hour 15minutes without jam driving from Kuta
  • Attraction : Temple Visit, Holy Spring Water Shower (Purification Ceremony), Garden View, Souvenir Shopping (Bargain for 50% off min), Pond viewing
  • Nearby Attraction: Kintamani (Mount Batur), Tengalalang Paddy terrace, Goa Gajah
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Location: Jalan Tirta Yari 2, Tampa siring, Indonesia

That all for this morning, will continue tonight to continue to show you my journey to spectacular Mount Batur. Stay Tune!

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