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Current Skincare Routine & How to Remove Milea Seeds

I has just change my skin care routine a month back and I find my skin really doing very well now. These new routine gives me glowing skin and subsequently helps to remove milea seeds as well. Truth to be told this milea seed is really annoying and I read online that these milea seed is caused by oily skin while my beauty therapist said it’s cause by  gene I inherit form my family. Truth to be told my mum and brother has a lot of milea seeds and it’s really hard to remove milea seed non invasive way. My Chinese Traditional doctor said that it’s caused by some viruses… I have no idea which is the true causes.

To be honest, long ago I have a few on my face and I removed them through laser treatment. It’s effective but it’s invasive and can get pricey. I was reading and searching info to remove milea seeds at a more economic ways and non invasive. So before I go deep into this, let me share what is my current skincare routine. As usual all my skin care are purchased from Althea. I’ll link all the item I share so you can find them! I’ll share the key benefit and brief review of the product on my routine and at the end I will share how these product helps to remove milea seeds. So do read till the end ya ?.


Let’s first start with this Pink Clay (known as red clay). This Pink Clay pique my interest because my girl, sy were telling me how good is pink clay did on her skin and all. So reading up how this Moremo Pink Crush Facial Cleanser able to form a dense foam and thoroughly clean the pore without drying the skin I immediately add this into my cart.

You know why this facial cleanser is so moisturizing? It contains 5 natural oils!!! No wonder right? Imagine all the goodnes from canola, grape seed, apricot seed, macamadia seed, argan ticture oil all apply on your skin!!! Hang on let me feel all the goodness on my skin for a sec!! This facial cleanser deeply remove all make up residue in a very mild but effective way hence it does not make my skin feel drying at all. Even I massage it on my skin for about 1 minute long with my Foreo it’s still not drying at all.

Oh and what’s not to love with the pink packaging and pink creamy texture? Such a sweet color! To add on, floral lover will love this to the bits because it contains so many different floral extract like Daisy, Magnolia, Elder Flower (My fav when come to drink), Lotus, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine (add to green tea, heavens), Sapporo, Gold Euphoria, Hyacinth and a non floral extract plum. Oh how amazing these floral ingredient is?



Alright I won’t say much on this because I have a dedicated post on how this change my life in this post. So go right ahead read the full review there.

Foreo Luna Mini 2 – 2 type of touch points




Right we all go crazy over vitamin c, and that is why I decided to purchase this Purito Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C helps promote collagen promotion that is responsible to repair damaged skin cell and reduced wrinkles. This serum is free from harmful chemical like Paraben, Artificial Fragrance & Coloran, Benzoyl Peroxide, Ethanol and many more. The formulation contains Ascorbic acid, adenosine and white flower complex which help soothe and smooth blemishes and acne.

This serum helps build collagen and helps fine lines and wrinkles. It’s quite true that my pore is slightly minimized when I used this. Sad thing is it has quite a disturbing scent, almost copper-ish scent that quite turns me off. Aside from the scent it’s actually a pretty good. The texture is quite light, a smooth gel alike texture.


If you have been following my blog, you would know I’m all gel kind of girl. No cream would appear in my planet! So hence my moisturizer will always be gel form and Korean is good at these kind of moisturizer and I’m always on a lookout at Althea for any new and interesting gel moisturizer. Before this I am using Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream, which is good as well but can be pricey. The Derma Soothing Mineral O2 Cream is not only cheaper than the Mamonde ones but is also double the size ?.

I have combination skin and need something to keep my skin hydrated especially on the cheek area and the cream cream type of cream is too nourishing for me so Korean type of cream which is gel form is the perfect solution for my dehydrated skin. Looking on this O2 cream ads, I find it very interesting to be applying oxygen (O2) on my skin. Do you know oxgyen can help solve alot of skin problems!

You can even use this as a sleeping pack, all you got to do is just apply abundance of it on your face. This cream contained Anastitica Hierochuntica, a dessert plant that help skin to lock water in your system. Also this cream once apply on skin feel really cooling which is super calming on skin especially after a long day out under the sun.

The cooling effect is to ensure our skin maintain at 31degC the perfect temperature for healthy glowing skin. Seriously in love with this O2 cream and will definitely repurchase once I finish this!!! A must have!


Well seriously, if you think you can remove Milea Seeds entirely the non invasive way you are wrong. It’s impossible, BUT you CAN minimize the size of the Milea Seeds by using these few method that I am going to share with you. My Milea Seeds from initially bulges out like pimples now its way smaller in size and it flat now.

So you ask how? First, I do feel milea seeds is caused by oily skin. So try to ensure your skin is not too oily and also not dehydrated. Do you know even dry skin will develop sebum? Our skin acts in a way to detect dryness and start producing sebum to keep the skin hydrated so you do not want your skin dries up. A good moisturizer is important. If you have combination skin like me or even oily skin, I highly recommend getting the Derma Soothing O2 Cream. It’s really hydrating and the cooling effect is really calming! For those with dry skin, opt for something that is more nourishing like those thick cream mostly from European or New Zealand brands are good. You might want to consider a skin facial oils too.

Moisturizer is important but so does your cleanser and cleansing tool. Your finger is just not effective in removing all residue from your pores. Hence, Foreo Ultrasonic Facial Brush will comes in handy and I really highly recommend it too! The Luna Mini 2 is a good choice not too large and not too small! The cleanser too is important, I suggest to avoid those that strip off all your skin natural oil (too drying) if you have combination/ dry skin. For oily skin then yes you might need those. For combination skin try the Moremo Pink Crush Cleanser. It’s really a good cleanser which cleanse effectively yet keep skin feeling moisturized.

Nah, you can see in below picture my Milea Seeds has significantly reduced in size with the help of all above mentioned tips. On a extra note, the key tips will be using the Foreo Ultrasonic Facial Brush and the Moremo Pink Crush Cleanser. Foreo help lightly exfoliates away the milea seeds while the cleanser help exfoliating it easier while ensuring skin is moisturized.


I am extremely happy with my skin now with the flat milea seeds. It’s not pricey and non invasive so I think generally this is a good solution for my milea seed for now until I discover a better solution.

Alright girls, thanks for checking out my blog today. Love XOXO Cindy…..


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