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Accessories from Lovisa

Hello Lovelies…Sorry for late post today, I am still trying to catch up with work and well just recover from fever and still coughing like mad. Sigh Thomas was too busy to blog nowadays too..Do you miss his movie review? His food post? LOL..

Ok aside from that, today I wanna share with you on these bracelet, earing and necklace I got from Lovisa when I’m in Singapore. Lovisa came from Australia, they also have outlet in Malaysia but they are very expensive. More expensive than Diva. I used to buy a lot accessories from Diva but I guess now I love Lovisa more. The quality are much more better, the metal are more smooth and fine and won’t cut my skin, if you know what I mean.

You probably have seen me wearing this necklace already! Because I love them so much….The shines of the stone (well maybe not stone but plastic) but they look as good as real stone!! It can be wear casually or for formal event too..I wore it for my friend wedding dinner recently! I bought this at SGD 12 where original price is SGD 44. Honestly, in Malaysia Lovisa has not much sale and selection for sale item are too little….



I love the tiny Lovisa brand tag on the necklace so cute!!!!


Then this earing and bracelet are 3 for SGD 12…Woahhhh such a bargain! I got two item and my friend Cynthia got another bracelet. There is so many selection in the outlet in Wisma Atria, Sg. Up to 30 choices of bracelet and lots of earing…. Any 3 earing or bracelet you pay SGD 12.

This dangling earing shape is so pretty..especially the tiny stone with cross line…You have look into it to see the lines…. From SGD 17 drop to SGD 4…Great sales!!!!!!


This lilac bracelet is such a charm….It’s thick enough to compliment my broad wrist… It cost SGD 26 originally…and I buy it at SGD 4…massive price drop!!


Too much sale and too much shopping…I am broke..Guess I have to eat street food next month!! No more premium meals!!!!!!!! Well that’s a quick post from me today!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy reading ya!!!!!


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