3 Ways to Fulfill Your Wanderlust in Lockdown

It’s a tough time for travelers at the moment. You would usually be planning adventures and hopping from country to country, continually experiencing new places and cultures. But with the world in the grip of a deadly pandemic, travel is unlikely to be on your agenda any time soon.

Lockdowns are in place all over the world, meaning you can barely leave your house, let alone fly to another country for fun. All your vacation plans for 2021 are up in the air, and it’s uncertain when things will start to return to normal.

For those under the spell of wanderlust, it can be difficult to accept these restrictions. You are probably feeling trapped and are desperate to break free. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to alleviate the pain. While you may not be able to go traveling in the foreseeable future, the spirit of adventure can still live on.

To get you started, here are three great ways to fulfill your wanderlust in lockdown.

Have local adventures

The world is an enormous place, and no one could even get close to seeing it all in their lifetime. But you can do your best. Why not continue your quest for adventure by exploring your local area? Download or buy a map of your town or city and plan a hike, run, or bike ride, taking in parts of the neighborhood you’ve never seen before. You will gain a new perspective on the place in which you live, and avoid the monotony of seeing the same things over and over again. For a simpler adventure, why not just walk out your front door and see where your heart takes you? Keep your eyes open for new footpaths, roads, and trails you’ve never walked down and explore them. You’ll soon find you can have a great adventure less than a mile from home.

Read adventure books

Literature has a special ability to transport us to new worlds and exotic locations. And the next best thing to actually traveling to these places is to read about them. There are so many classic adventure books that every traveler should read, and there will be something to fulfill every preference. If you like an exciting adventure novel, try The Call of the Wild by Jack London. However, if gripping real-life accounts of perilous journeys are more your thing, try Into Thin Air by John Krakauer, or Touching the Void by Joe Simpson. For inspiring accounts of strong, female adventurers, try Wild by Cheryl Strayed or Tracks by Robyn Davidson. The choices are endless.

Plan your next trip

Planning a trip can often be just as exciting as the real thing. Take your mind off the gloomy news headlines by taking out a map of the country and drawing up a road trip route. Or spin a globe and make plans to visit the first country your finger lands on. Whether it’s Stockholm, Sweden, or Mt Isa, Australia, that’s where you’ll go. As soon as the pandemic comes to an end and the lockdowns are lifted, you will be organized and ready to embark on your next adventure.

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