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Innisfree Green Tea Facial Foam, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand Gel Cream & Lip Balm Review

I have been crazy over green color lately specifically this green that Innisfree Green Tea Range packaging is using. I got this green almost everything from skincare to shirt and to bowls even. There’s just something about this green that attracts me and green tea scent or matcha scent is always very soothing and refreshing.

It’s been awhile since I have written any review here… Well the usual work schedule that I am tied up with and on weekend all I want is to go for brunch or make one and just netflix and chill but not this weekend. I miss sharing my thoughts on products I used, I missed styling the products and snapping photos. So today, I will be sharing this New Innisfree Green Tea range well not new for some product but rather just a new packaging.

INNISFREE Green Tea Fresh Shampoo

I got all of these from Althea because their price are the cheapest among other Korea Beauty Online store. When I saw these green tea range on the new arrival, I immediately clicked in and ending up adding almost the every product in that range. The very first one that I add on my cart was the Innisfree Green Tea Shampoo because it has peppermint in it, off course Green Tea too. I love peppermint in shampoo, it give my scalp that cooling effect that are so refreshing. Beside that awesome packaging, this shampoo is surprisingly moisturising even though it’s silicone free… I love it. However, I was a bit set back by the mild peppermint effect. There is only peppermint scent but not much of the cooling effect on my scalp almost to none. Nevertheless, it still a great shampoo if peppermint effect is not so important.

INNISFREE Green Tea Fresh Conditioner

The conditioner like the shampoo has a very nice and calming green tea scent but it does not have any peppermint. It not super thick in the texture but it’s quite moisturising. This conditioner come in a matte green tube like most conditioner in the market. I do like the both the shampoo and conditioner but I feel the price is rather on the high side. If it were around 30 ish price point I would definitely repurchase.

INNISFREE  Green Tea Morning Cleanser

Now let’s talk about the morning cleanser! I really really love the mild gel cleanser for morning. Like the name suggest it’s for morning usage. It’s a lighter version since our face won’t be so dirty as we stay at home while sleeping. That’s the idea behind. It’s really light does not wipe off all the moisture from the face yet still cleans my face. The scent is so refreshing for morning! I can’t stop reaching out for it. Definitely repurchasing!

INNISFREE Green Tea Foam Cleanser 

This foam is entire different texture than the morning cleanser. This is light cream that foam very easily. Even it’s light but only need a small dollop size to foam up for entire space. This clean very well too but i still like morning cleanser more. This has the same scent with the morning cleanser and same packaging but with more matte color.

INNISFREE Green Tea Lip Balm 

I was searching for lipbalm with really nice soothing or citrusy scent. When I saw this green tea lipbalm I was think the scent must be something soothing like greentea. I were quite disappointed though as it’s almost scent free. Aside from that it does keep my lips moist. I have terrible reaction to egg which cause my lip to crack so bad and this does help moist it. I like that it’s not too sticky.

INNISFREE Green Tea Pure Gel Hand Cream EX

This is the first time I discover gel hand cream and man they are gems!!! I love the gel texture because I hate lotion. This is so moisturizing and the gel texture is not sticky at all and give a little cooling effect too. This gel cream also have very nice soothing scent!! I am using it almost every night. As often as I reach out to my aloe vera gel! I have never do so for other hand lotion/ creams I own!

Overall, I really love this entire Green Tea range from Innisfree. Did you buy any of the above product? How much do you like it? Share with me on the comment below. For now I am signing off. Thanks for reading!


  • Khai Artzfar

    wah long time no blogwalking here. how are you! thank you for the sharing. many people suggest me about this brand and yes effective!

  • Fas

    Have not tried this brand before because i normally dont mix and tried new ones but shld be good for those whom havr not found the right product for their skin.

  • Ruby

    Jenama ni bagus. I dan husband suka guna mereka punya produk. Bagus for our skin. Can share lg. Haha. Cuma yang green tea ni belum cuba. Nanti nak cek dekat cawangan mereka. Hehe

  • Nina Mirza

    trusted brand! Kita pun suka produk based green tea sebab benefit dia merawat wajah. Effect cooling green tea memang berkesan redakan radang kemerahan kulit kita

  • Sis Lin

    Innisfree ni produk harian anak Sis yang sulung. Dia pengguna tegar innesfree. Cuma penjagaan rambut aje dia tak guna, lain semua ada termasuk bedak, lotion, pencuci muka dan lelain.. dia suka organik..

  • Min

    I dari 2017 lagi sejak kenal innisfree ni memang suka pakai produk dr jenama dia. Dulu ada sekali tu muka teruk pakai innisfree terus ok

  • Kitkat_nelfei

    Wow.. This is really interesting.. First time to be honest i saw facial products made from green tea. Make me wanna try this out too..!

  • Nadia johari

    Nad pun ade pakai produk innisfree ni.. Tapi bukan jenis green tea. Bgus juga ye yang based green tea ni.. Nati nak try la. Banyak kelebihan dia juga

  • Zharif Azis

    Innisfree is a very remarkable beauty product. Has been a very good friend for many girls and boys out there. How sad Yoona no longer the brand ambassador for this product

  • Tengkubutang

    produk innisfree ni memang dah lama di pasaran .. ramai yang bagi feedback positive tentang product-product innisfree ni.. by the way.. cantiknya foto-foto ni..

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