The disadvantages of blogging every writer should know about

We’re all familiar with blogging success stories. Tales of writers who wanted an outlet for their creativity, or somewhere to share their inner thoughts and opinions and before long, established a full-time career and a healthy income because they took a chance. 

The truth is, blogging is incredibly difficult, and even more difficult to make a full-time career from. And even the most successful bloggers didn’t make their career overnight. Blogging takes time, energy and dedication – something which can be in short supply, especially if you’re managing another full-time job and other responsibilities. 

Here we’ll explore the disadvantages of blogging that every budding writer should know about – and how you can overcome them! 

The problem: Financial confusion

As your blog begins to gain momentum and you start to share your writing talents with other bloggers and even take on freelance opportunities, you’ll have a new responsibility to handle. Your finances. If you’re someone who’s never handled your own work finances before (e.g. sent invoices and chased payments) then you may find yourself struggling to keep your income in order. This is a huge disadvantage to blogging, simply because it’s incredibly stressful and time-consuming, taking away the precious time you need to write you posts and get ahead.

Solution: With the right accounting software you don’t have to muddle your way through accounts, invoices and bookkeeping matters. Accounting software is there to help you stay organised and produce high quality, accurate and personalised invoices for your clients – for more information on invoicing templates from, click the link. 

The problem: Competition is fierce

Rewind to over a decade ago and there were fewer bloggers and less competition. These days the market is saturated and being able to stand apart from your competitors is often harder than writing high quality, consistent content. 

Solution: This disadvantage isn’t easy to escape from, however, the more you research and dedicate time to building a stronger and devoted community around your blog, the more success you’ll achieve. Understanding and implementing indexing, SEO, backlinks and keyword research is also essential for your blog. But remember to still write for your readers, not just for the search engines!

The problem: You lack discipline

It’s not easy to dedicate yourself to a blog, especially when you’ve had a bad day at work and the last thing you want is to spend even more time in front of your laptop. However, a lack of discipline means your consistency begins to slip, and all your followers and readers along with it.

Solution: Developing a writing schedule is essential for blogging consistency and will make your life much easier. Splitting your posts into manageable chunks that cover the numerous aspects of the process such as research, SEO, writing, editing etc will make it much more manageable, even on those days where you’re ready to throw in the towel.

The problem: Isolation

When your blog is in its early stages, it can feel as though you’re shouting in an empty room. And while your little corner of the internet isn’t exactly bustling, it means your productivity and drive can take a hit.

Solution: Stick with it! If you’re feeling isolated, reach out to other bloggers, join forums and groups and engage with others on social media.

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