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How To Improve Your Wellbeing Whilst Studying Abroad

During the exciting move to a new country it can be easy to forget about important things like your mental and physical wellbeing. Make sure that you look after yourself so that you can enjoy a great experience and get good grades during your trip.

Take Time To Focus On Yourself

Moving to a new country is exciting and there will be loads for you to do, learn and sort out during the first few weeks. As such, it’s incredibly important that you take time to do the things you enjoy and relax. Whether it’s meditation, yoga, playing video games or even just eating your favourite foods, do the things that make you happy so that you can settle in quickly and won’t burnout too soon into your exciting study abroad experience.

Get Health Insurance

Each country has a different healthcare system, so make sure that you do your research and learn more about how your treatment will be funded. In many countries the healthcare system has been privatised, so it’s important that you get health insurance so that you know for certain that you’re covered. Find cover specifically designed for students studying abroad so that you know you’ll be in safe hands should you need to seek treatment.

Find Accommodation That Has Added Benefits

Making time to travel to the gym or spa can be tough, so look out for student accommodation that has in-house facilities such as fitness centres, massage parlours and wellness centres. In Madrid for instance, Collegiate offers a private fitness suite, as well as outdoor spaces for students to relax and unwind in so that you can feel connected to nature and ready to enjoy your studies.

Make New Friends

The best way to forget your homesickness is to find new friends to have exciting adventures with. Join some university societies, go out for drinks with your course mates and socialise with the people in your accommodation so that you get to meet lots of new people and find some you can really connect with.

Bring Some Keepsakes That Remind You Of Home

It can be frightening to leave home and everything you’ve ever known to study in a brand-new country, so make sure you have some possessions with you that will remind you of home. These may include stuffed toys, photos or trinkets that remind you of happy times and will help you adjust to your new host country quickly.

Stay Connected To Home

Whilst it’s important that you immerse yourself in the culture in the country you’re studying in, staying connected to home will help you to adjust and feel comfortable. Find an online store that will ship traditional treats from home to any country in the world so that you can feel connected to your home even as you enjoy new experiences.

Remember that no one is perfect, and there will always be days when you feel down or don’t take care of yourself perfectly, but that’s OK as long as you try your best.

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