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Unique Weddings: Interesting Venues To Hold Your Reception In

Time spent planning your wedding is endlessly fascinating. It might feel like a lot of responsibility, and it is, but you can learn things about yourself you’d have never known before. It’s a great way to reflect on the friendships, the family ties and the tastes you have built up thus far in your life.
No matter who you are, you deserve a beautiful, memorable wedding. However, sometimes the standard ‘church’ ceremony doesn’t feel right. Sometimes, a couple might want to go a little more unique. This is a daring and risky endeavor, because not only might your family hope for you to get married in a traditional way, but a unique wedding will take even more careful planning and event organizing than it’s more usual alternative would.
Memorable wedding
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However, you’ve decided that you want to give the best reception possible, and you want to do it your way. You’ve already sent out unique and beautiful wedding invitations with a service such as Pure Invitation, and now you want to carry that unique theme even further. Well, what ideas should you try? What should you discuss?
This article will help give you initial inspiration which you can then take to develop a truly unforgettable and magical day. Standing out from every other wedding ceremony takes some doing, but if pulled off correctly, you’ll have an event worth talking about for many years to come.
Beach Wedding
Beach weddings are among the most popular unique styles, due to the beauty of the horizon and ocean which are in plain view. The wedding photographs are sure to be unforgettable on a beach. Just remember though, a few extra considerations need to be taken into account before you progress. What footwear should the guests have? It’s likely that wing-tipped or suit shoes are likely to get scuffed by the sand, not to mention your bridal shoes. You might need to consider sandals, or even doing it barefoot if the beach is clean. Also, your wedding dress is likely to suffer if it has a long train of fabric behind it.
Beach Wedding
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On the coast, you’re also likely to encounter difficult weather conditions. Even on a beautiful and clear sunny day, the wind that comes from the ocean is likely to be stronger than elsewhere in the country. Be mindful of these factors. Despite all this, If you pull it off and get lucky with the weather, your wedding will be beautiful beyond words.
Boat Wedding
Beachside wedding not good enough for you? Do you feel the call of the ocean every waking moment? Renting out a large yacht to hold your wedding ceremony can be a gorgeous way of doing things.
Just be sure that your guests aren’t likely to get seasick, and that the weather conditions on the day are stable enough for you to hold the procession with ease.
Oceanic view
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Ice Wedding
If you truly have an affinity for the cold, traveling to a country with an ice hotel underground could be the most beautiful and unique option on this list. Feeling like a gorgeous Ice Queen is sure to be the new normal from then on. Just consider your clothing requirements. There’s a chance your dress will need excessive tailoring to keep you warm, or you might even need to carry it out in coats, which requires an even deeper adjustment of the attendee’s wardrobe. Hey, no one ever said ‘unique’ was ‘easy.’
Chill and relax
If these options don’t suit you, then maybe an Aquarium, Castle or Forest setting would suit you best. No matter what option you choose, your guests are sure to remember your wedding forever. Also, be sure to keep in mind the excess requirements you’re placing on your guests. Traveling to a foreign country or unique locale takes time, money and effort, so don’t be irritated if certain guests can’t come.
If setup right, you’re sure to have the wedding of your dreams.
Wedding beyond dreams

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