Choosing the Perfect Evening Bag to Accessorize Your Formal Outfits

Whether you’re going to a wedding, a black tie party, or just out for a classy evening somewhere, getting dressed up in a beautiful evening dress and some luxurious accessories are always a delight. Wearing your most expensive clothes, having your hair and make-up on point, and enjoying a party in lavish surroundings is something most of us look forward to, and with the holiday season now just around the corner, you may well be planning to go to plenty of glamorous events in celebration of Christmas and New Year.

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Now, choosing the perfect dress from all of the beautiful things around for the winter 2019 season is a topic for a post all of its own, however, here we are going to focus on bags. Evening bags are a strange thing because while it should be obvious that the larger, more practical bags we use every day – no matter how luxurious and beautiful they are – aren’t well suited to pairing with formal clothes, sometimes this detail is one we notice too late, and we find that we don’t have the right small, dainty evening bag to go with an otherwise perfectly put together party outfit! So, in advance of your holiday season fashion shopping, here are some tips for choosing the perfect evening bag!

Looks are (Almost) Everything!

When you are choosing a day bag, you may find some styles you love but can’t choose because they aren’t big enough for all the things you need to carry, or because they don’t have a shoulder strap and you need a shoulder strap, or for whatever other mundane, practical reasons. With an evening bag, you can go all out and really choose the bag as a decorative fashion piece alone. As long as it can hold your money, your phone, and maybe some basic cosmetics in case you need a touch-up, you can freely choose any shape or style you want – as long as it looks great with your dresses!

Timeless Glamor is Better Than Trend Following

Designer evening bags cost a lot of money, and so you want to choose the one you’ll get a lot of use out of. However, the kind of evenings where you would use a bag like this are unlikely to be happening every day (even if you’re a celebrity), and so you don’t want the bag to be unfashionable and dated after only a few outings because you’ve followed a seasonal trend that has passed. Look for classic, timeless glamor, such as the beautiful Saint Laurent bags you can find at online high-end fashion store SSENSE. Designers such as Saint Laurent have gorgeous, classy small evening bags with a wide choice of color and detail, but their ranges always include some pieces that will stay in style permanently, such as their Kate tassel bags and their luxury small Teddy bucket bags.

Neutral Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Neutral colors are usually best if you want to be able to use the bag with all of your formal dresses (unless you only wear neutral evening dresses such as black dresses, in which case a colored bag can be a good choice). Neutral definitely doesn’t have to mean boring, though, and you can find beautiful evening bags with crystal or metal embellishments in classic black, white, champagne, gunmetal and other colors that go with anything.

These are some tips for choosing the perfect designer evening bag to see you through this holiday season and well beyond!

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