Matxi Corps is Offically in Malaysia

Hail from Vietnam, Matxi Corp striked to be the strongest Group in the region and reach out to the world by 2021. I was so honoured to be part of Matxi Corp 2nd Year Anniversary Ceremony.

It was a big success with 2,000 distributors across 30 nations attending all decked up in the most glamorous dress!! I feel like I am attending some red carpet event. The ceremony is filled with speech from Leadership Representative Speech by Ms. Nhung (Director of Matxi Corp Vietnam), Mr. Kenny (Director of Matxi Corp Malaysia), Ms. Jenny (Director of Matxi Corp USA), Ms. Luck Kim (Director of Matxi Corp Korea), Mr. Matthew James Morris (Business Development Director of MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd), Leader Distributors Award Ceremony, performance by singers (Thanh Ha, Bui Anh Tuan, Thu Minh and Rynn Lim) and high tech digital LED dance that got everyone jaw drop.

The super uber cool performance, got my eyes stick to it the entire performance.

Matxi Corp Slogan, ” You Deserve a Better Life ” is on track with their effort in making life better through products and services. COming up they will have not just healthy drinks but also cosmetic and beauty product.

Besides business training and development, Matxi Corp also focus on these areas:

  • Real estate
  • Kid’s retail system
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Event organization
  • Functional Food and Cosmetic Manufactory
  • Culinary restaurants system

Matxi Coprs own a GMP certified factory in Vietnam with more than 7,000 m2 of factory area, specializing in manufacturing functional foods, food products, and cosmetics with a capacity of 1.5 million products/month. 

Matxi Corps also continuosly research to ensure their product quality is top nothch. They have signed strategic contract with research centers and manufacturing plants in the United States, Germany, South Korea and Malaysia to transfer technology, research and renovate the management and operation flow according to the most rigorous standards.

Some of the top performer from Last Year Sales. Kudos to these powerful ladies!

During the event, there’s also celebration for Matxi Corp expansion into Malaysia, USA & Korea.

Congratulations again to Matxi Corp for such Big Success!!

For more info, please checkout their official FB & Instagram:

Official Facebook:

Official Instagram: @matxicorp

#MATXICorp #YouDeserveABetterLife


  • Mahamahu

    Tahniah kepada Matxi Corp atas kejayaan walaupun baru sahaja dua tahun dah berjaya dan juga terkenal sehingga mampu mengeluarkan banyak produk dan juga membantu orang luar sana nak jadi usahawan hurmmmm..

  • Nur @ DeCamellia

    Wowwww grand sungguh sambutan anniversary Matxi Corp. Btw tahniah buat team Matxi Corp. Moga terus maju jaya & lebarkan lg sayap ke seantero dunia

  • De Alif

    Wow!!!! What a superb event… looked so stunning and exciting ya… congratulations to Matxi Corp on their second anniversary… may it brings prosperity to our nation as well… 😉

  • izaramli

    wow the event looks happening. I wish I can join too. but too bad because i’m not in KL. well anyway, congrats Maxti Corp!

  • Eiza GreenAppleKu

    Congrats to Matxi Corp! Syarikat yang baru berusia 2 tahun tapi dah berjaya berdiri dengan gah. Semoga terus kekal maju dan semakin ramai yang berjaya bersama Matxi Corp.

  • Nadia johari

    Ramai yang datang sini ya.. Meriah sangat thk event dia.. Terpegun tengok part dancing semua.. Memng event glam sangat.. Tahniah Matxi Corp untuk kejyaan ni..

    • Slumberlady

      2000 distributors in 30 nation! Congratulations Matxi Corp. Indeed it is a great achievement for 2 years corporation. Again congratulations

  • Mohamad Khairil Bin Hassan

    Memang meriah event ni. Tahniah ya Matxi Corp kerana berjaya masuk ke pasaran Malaysia. Semoga perniagaan lebih maju dan berkembang. Terima kasih share ya.

  • Qiss

    I love the performance at that night and Matxi Corp have turns 2. Congratulations and love all their distributors performance. Very happening event and they are so beautiful.

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