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Cabo San Lucas: A Fantastic Family Vacation Destination

Cabo San Lucas is a truly incredible vacation destination, and it is one that has been popular with the wealthy, with celebrities, with a wide variety of people who want luxury while still enjoying privacy. Cabo San Lucas is really an outstanding option for a family vacation – just because it might not get the press of Disney doesn’t mean it’s a quiet place for adult activities. Quite the contrary, Cabo San Lucas has a remarkable laid-back luxury that makes it an incredible destination for entire families.

Cabo San Lucas is renowned for its wide array of high end housing options, from surprisingly good luxury at affordable prices to the true affluent options for those who are used to only the highest level of service at all times. They have beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and plenty of activities for tourists to take advantage of everything this outstanding location around the tip of Baja California, Mexico, has to offer.

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Something For Everyone

Although Cabo San Lucas has come a long way from the laid-back fishing village it was back in the 1970s, that tradition still exists strongly and for good reason. Sports anglers love the many fishing charters that work out of this location and can spend hours out on the water chasing that truly trophy saltwater fish of their choice.

While this started out as a place that had a lot of attention from mostly sports anglers as more people came to appreciate the lovely white sand beaches and more families came along, an entire industry of shopping, spas, and family friendly hotels sprouted up. As the taste for luxury living came along, more businesses leaped up to meet the demand.

There are several local areas that have large children’s centers like Villa del Palmar, Pueblo Bonito Rose, and Luxury Villa Rentals In Cabo San Lucas. Little kids will have no problems whatsoever finding plenty to do and parents can join in and bond or leave them with reliable and trustworthy childcare while going out and about for some shopping, spa treatments, or other types of activities that they will enjoy.

Amazing Wildlife Experiences

Many people who aren’t as familiar with Cabo San Lucas are a bit surprised when they go down there and find out that there are some really incredible wildlife experiences that are great for individuals or for families. The local marina allows families to swim with the Dolphins and experience firsthand these really friendly and incredibly intelligent mammals.

Depending on the time of year that you are there you may be able to see (from a safe distance) the turtle release. There are several species of sea turtles that are endangered and protected and spend land time on the beach to mate and head back out to the sea. This time of release is something that is celebrated as these turtles keep working to survive and thrive once again.

Whale watching is another spectacular way to enjoy the local marine life. While most people thing of the Pacific Northwest or going off the coast of Alaska when it comes to watching whales, they live and thrive in much warmer water, as well. In fact, its these same gray whales often seen up north that also migrate south past Cabo San Lucas and can be seen in their full glory in this part of the Pacific Ocean, as well!


Beautiful Glass Work

Adults can take glass blowing classes, and even older teenagers have the option to work with glass blowing artisans who do this for their living. Whether participating, watching a master artisan doing their work, or simply appreciating the abundance of high quality glass from the artists in the area, this is a very unique offering from Cabo San Lucas and one that the whole family can definitely appreciate.


Take A Glimpse At The Big Pirate Ship

Sometimes silly is fun. The Buccaneer Queen is a large old school ship that has been used in multiple films and has even been shown on TV multiple times. Calling Cabo San Lucas home, the whole family can take a tour to see what these ships were like, how they were built, and even squeal in delight and enjoy the on-board pirate fight which is all about entertaining the little kiddos.

There are even multiple tours given on this fully functional ship that include sunset cruises, whale watching tours, and more.

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