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Lennox Collagen Full Review & Baking Berry Souffle Cheese

Hellooo Lovelies…. How is everyone doing? I am quite stressed up with work but I will be going on a holiday real soon *can’t wait freaking excited*. Well we are not going to talk about my holiday today but instead I want to share with you a full review on Lennox Collagen both in powder and liquid form. Collagen is a NEED for every Woman, with collagen your skin will have that Radiant Glowing skin even you hair will look healthier.

Lennox Collagen Full Review


I never thought that I would try any Collagen drink because I am really worried that it will taste weird like those fibre drink or any supplement drink. Well here I am today doing a full review on Lennox Collagen. It really change my thoughts after I try a sip. Okay there’s actually two type of collagen one is in liquid and one is in powder. So you can choose either one. I love both but I’m leaning towards the liquid forms one. I’ll go into that later on. I want to talk about the variance of Lennox Collagen drink available.

Lennox Firm Up+ Bright

This one will transform your skin into a more firmer and more radiant looking skin. It contains natural & potent beauty essence, Aqueous Marine Collagen which is 100% water soluble with low molecular weight and excellent digestibility. 


  • Aqueous Marine Collagen
  • OPC (Grape Seeds Extract)
  • Fermented Yeast (A Source of Co Q10)
  • Vitamin C
  • Arginine
  • Japan Khoyo Grapes Juice Concentrate
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Water

Lennox FirmUp+ (Forte Gold) 

FirmUp+ Forte Gold is formulated for those who desire to get noticeable improvement from their current skin condition to firmer and bouncy looking skin.


  • Aqueous Marine Collagen
  • Ceramide PCD (Rice Extract)
  • Vitamins

Lennox FirmUp+ EX 

This breakthrough innovation, a Collagen plus Stem Cell Formula. Created with a unique and precious blend of ingredients derived from natural sources. The formula is further enhanced with Sakura Essence which penetrates deeply into dry and troubled skin, leaving the skin deeply hydrated.


  • Aqueous Marine Collagen
  • OPC (Grape Seeds Extract)
  • Apple Stem Cell
  • Sakura Essence Extract
  • Fermented Yeast Extract (Source of CoQ10)
  • Vitamin C
  • Arginine
  • Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Water

Lennox FirmUp+ (Men) 

This is for your Men, yes they need collagen too! So they will have a healthy complexion too.

Formulated together with powdered Cactus Extract and Maritime Pine Bark Extract, components that energises skin cell and reduce excessive oil production – give you instant result for firmer, brighter and healthy-looking skin.

Lennox Collagen 5000 Powder 

and finally we have the Powder Form. Made from high quality fish collagen peptide originated from Japan, enhanced with food based beauty ingredients like Coenzyme Q10, Ceramide, Amino Acid (Arginine) and Vitamin C for your daily beauty needs. This powder is low in calorie so you don’t have to worry on the extra weight.

  • Fish Collagen Peptide
  • Maltodextrin
  • Arginine
  • Vitamin C
  • CoQ10
  • Ceramide
  • Thickener (Arabic Gum)
  • Flavouring
  • Emulsifier (Contain Soy Beans)

How to Use Lennox Collagen

Now for the liquid it’s pretty simple just consume as it is. I like it cold. You can follow below suggested dosage.

  • First time user: Take 1 bottle daily at night for 10 days.
  • Repeat user: Take 1 bottle every 2-3 days at night.

For the powder one, you can add one spoonful powder (about 10g) into any of your favourite drink (best with juices). I add them into my cafe latte as well.

Lennox Collagen Full Review

What I like is that the Collagen drink does not taste weird at all. It taste like berry a little sweet. Of course there is still a tiny bit of the fish taste (barely noticeable), that’s made it made off. On to the result, I notice glow on my skin and even though my body is very heaty I do not see any pimple on my face. One more thing I noticed is that my hair is more manageable, less frizzy. Not too sure if the collagen contribute to it. I have stop taking for a week because I have been coughing and sick but my skin still looking good. It’s very easy to apply makeup with lesser bumps on the skin.


August is Lennox Collagen Month where there’s crazy deal each week throughout the entire month. So if you want to buy the Lennox Collagen drink of powder better to get it this month!

Baking Berry Souffle Cheese using Lennox Collagen @ ABC Cooking Studio

The powder, beside adding into your favorite drink you can also add into your baking. For instant, we added the powder into the delicious Berry Souffle Cheese. Before I begin with the recipe & instruction, can I just say that the Lennox Team did a great job decorating the ABC cooking studio. Now feast your eyes with some beautiful photos.



Cream Cheese …………….. 150g
Caster Sugar………………….. 40g
Egg Yolk ……………………….. 150g
Milk ……………………………… 150g
Vanilla Essence …………… 150g
Lemon Juices ………………. 150g
Cake Flour……………………. 150g
Lennox Collagen ………… 150g


Cream Cheese …………….. 30g
Caster Sugar………………….. 15g
Strawberry Powder……… 1 tbsp
Lemon Juice …………………. 1 tsp
Whipping Cream …………. 80g
Lennox Collagen …………. 1 tbsp


Cream Cheese …………….. 40g
Lemon Juice ……………….. 1 tbsp
Fresh Raspberry ……….. 8 pcs
Fresh Blue Berry ……….. 16 pcs
Minced Pistachio ……….. some


[Souffle Cheesecake]

1) Bring cream cheese to room temperature 10 minutes before using

2) Mix milk and vanilla essence together and heat in a microwave

3) Preheat the oven (Electric oven 150°C)

[Berry Cheese Cream]

Bring cream cheese to room temperature 10 minutes before using.

Keep whipping cream chilled in the chiller



1. Place cream cheese in a bowl and whisk until creamy with a hand mixer. Add sugar and mix well.

2. Pour in egg yolk in two additions and mix well each time.

3. Add milk & vanilla essence in two additions, mix well each time. Then, add lemon juice and mix well.

4. Sift in cake flour and Lennox Collagen. Mix with hand mixer at speed 1 gently for 1 minute.

5. In another bowl, mix the thick part and watery part of egg white with hand mixer. Then, whisk until egg white clings to the blades of the hand mixer before adding half of the sugar. Whisk until soft peaks form.

6. Add the remaining sugar and whisk till stiff peaks form.

7. Add (6) and (4) in two additions. Fold well each time. Then, pour batter into the mould, place onto tray and bake. Do not scarp the batter at the sides of the bowl to prevent the cake sinking.

8. Check to ensure it is well-baked and remove from oven to cool.


1. Place cream cheese in a bowl and whisk until creamy with a hand mixer. Add sugar and mix well.

2. Add strawberry powder and Lennox collagen into the mixture. Add lemon juice and mix well.

3. Add whipping cream in two three additions. Mix well each time. Transfer into a piping bag once it is 80% stiff. Keep it chilled in the chiller before use.|


1. Mix raspberry jam and lemon juice well with a spoon in a small cup.

2. Add raspberries and blueberries. Mix well.

3. Cut the tip of the piping bag with berry cheese cream and pipe on top of the souffle cake.

4. Top with 920 and garnish with pistachio. Decorate with ABC cake pick to finish.

I have been wanting to try the cooking class in this ABC cooking studio for very long. Thank You Lennox & Butterfly Project for making my dream come true.

We have so much baking the souffle, believe or not this is only my second time baking. I don’t bake much at home because only two of us and it’s a waste if we can’t finish the whole cake. My hand kinda tired whipping the cream, definitely prefer automatic ones!

Ending this post with a picture with my group member!

oh and a bite of the souffle! We deserves a bite after baking the entire day.

More info on lennox Collagen do checkout:


  • Fadzil Ahmad

    Meriahnya tengok deserts2 uollz buat. Look tempting. Tak tahu pula ada kelas2 macam ni. Boleh la ajak my wife join. Cantik decoration yang disediakan tu

  • adianiez AIDA

    wow! Kolagen cheesecake 🙂
    Ohsem idea.
    As for me, tried few kolagen drinks. So far, only 1 got the taste that my tekak can accept ha ha ha…
    Orange taste.
    Consuming it until now. Not everyday. To save bajet. A glass once in 2 days.

  • nhazla

    Tak sangka kologen dalam bentuk makanan macam ni. Baru betul-betuk sedap. Siap ada hiasan lagi. Nampak sangat menyelerakan. Sangat berbeza dengan kologen yang biasa diketahui. Sebelum ni semuanya dalam botol ubat atau telan pil. Beautylicious betul

  • Mahamahu

    Wah baru tahu ada satu produk koligen yang boleh digunakan untuk memasak juga yer hehehe tengok you masak tu sangat sedap nanti boleh ajar kita yer.. Nak sihat kena beralih kepada produk Lennox Collagen…

  • Bella Jamal

    Wow! Kolagen untuk lelaki pun ada ya. Biasa dengar untuk perempuan sahaja. As for now dah lama berenti ambil kolagen. Next bolehlah cuba Lennox Collagen ni. Nampak sangat menarik dan kelainan bila boleh digunakan dalam masakan guna kolagen powder tu.

  • Nadia

    Laaa..boleh buat untuk masakan jugak ke lennox nie?serius i baru tau..slalu mnum mcm tue je..nant i nk try la buat souffle cheesecream guna lennox..thanks sharing the recipies too

  • Rawlins GLAM

    Loving the pink colours of all the product packaging – so pretty.
    And that it could be used for baking too. That’s super multi-purpose.

  • Nadia Johari

    bestnya event ni..buat baking dengan collagen..pergh..tak sangak colagen boleh buat baking..boleh cari lennox ni pastu buat baking dekat rumah..heehhee

  • liez

    dah banyak i baca review dan ramai yang kata bagus lennox collagen ni.. nak try la untuk kuatkan akar rambut i ni.. asyik gugur je.. then bagus untuk kulit.. nak gebu dan anjal.. boleh maintain muda hihihihi

    • Ruby

      Menariknya tengok packaging botol-botol dia. Serius lawa. Mudah di bawa, comel je saiznya.

      Owhh, bagus betul jenama ni. Produk kolagen untuk lelaki pun ada.

      Kolagen makin berusia makin berkurangan. Jadi nak tak nak kena topup kolagen setiap kan Cindy.

      Nice sharing.

      Anyway TART tu look nyummy!😋💗

  • Mohd Zarin

    This is a really interesting article. I know about collagen but didn’t expect we can use it for baking, etc. Nice sharing

  • Mohamad Khairil Bin Hassan

    Wah menarik. Tak pernah pulak saya cuba minum an kollagen. Nampak menarik. Nak cubalah nnti. Terima kasih atas perkongsian ya.

  • nurul aqidah

    pernah cuba lennox yg dalam botol tu. Memang sedap..ramai juga review bagus produk ni. Dah lama tak minum collagen ni. wah boleh letak dalam masakan juga ye…tak pernah dengar ni, Menarik

  • AhmadiKatu

    Wow nice sharing. Memang puas hati baca review produk Lennox ni tau. Bukan apa, gambar tu sangat puas hati la tengok. Kalau aku sebagai owner produk confirm puas hati dengan review ni,tak rasa rugi walaupun paid review.

  • Ivy Kam

    This is definitely something interesting to try it out… incorporated my fave collagen powder into my yummy desserts… so smart the idea hehe

  • Wawa Ashihara

    Wahhh xsangka ada kolagen yg boleh dibuat dalam masakan ye.. Ingat kan just mcm supplemen je… Huhu.. Rasa dia masam2 manis ke camne tu ye?

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