Ori Udon @Gardens & Nichinan @ Midvalley

Last week i was rotting at home and feel very lazy to go to Shu Uemura Midvalley to trim my eyebrow… Yes that is my favourite place to trim my eyebrow.. aint no other outlet or places I would go beside Shu Uemura MV. Eh eh out of the topic..so I saw KC posting he will be going MV for some Udon fixed, immediately i pm him to wait for me as I want to try the udon for quite sometime already! and so I get to eat and trim my eyebrow with good companion too!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s quite a number of restaurant that opened their shop with open air concept in Gardens lately and these restaurant are usually more affordable in term of pricing compare to those with well decorated shop lot. Ori Udon located right in front of Cold Storage where passer-by will definitely be able to see the restaurant. Simple wooden furniture setup with kitchen are open for public to view if they desire to do so.

Ori Udon1

Simple menu to order, with just less than 5 minutes me and KC settled with our order.

Ori Udon2

You can order your udon hot or cold! Your call! I love my noodle hot while KC got his in chilled form!

I love my egg yolk to be perfect but I was let down when my Niku Udon Beef arrive because the egg yolk was broken…. Nevertheless, the udon is cooked to al-dente…The udon is thick soft but yet chewy. The beef is tender just good to go with the udon and soup! I would give a thumb up if they did not break my egg yolk!

Ori Udon3Niku Udon Beef, RM 8.90

Ori Udon9Sluurrrrppp… I will be back for other type of udon and skewer!

I did not try KC’s Cold Mentaiko Udon…He seem to love it a lot!

Ori Udon4Mentaiko Udon Beef, RM 8.90

Their snack is very affordable too and if the udon does not satisfy your hunger these snack will sure make your tummy full!!! The Kakiage (Deep Fried vegetable) is so crispy and there is no oils oozing out on every bite!! Since there is onion in it, the nice flavour from the onion make the whole thing so good to bite!

Ori Udon7Kakiage, RM 3.00

Next we have eggplant and quail egg skewer..Not grilled but breaded and then deep fried!! First time trying deep fried skewer…Well it taste like tempura.. It’s crispy and delicious but nothing too unique about it!

Ori Udon6Egg Plant Skewer, RM 2.00 | Quail Egg Skewer, RM 3.00

Their snack are really value for money so we don’t mind ordering more….It’s good to bite while we share our food gastronomy! This Karaage (Fried Chicken) is winner in my heart..They taste so good.. The taste is so unique unlike the one I always have. I don’t how to explain the taste but they are just delicious!

Ori Udon5Karaage, RM5.00

I personally think this is a good place to fill up your tummy if you are shopping in Gardens or Mid Valley and doesn’t want to burnt your wallet for food so you can shop more!


LG-K01, LG, The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Then we hop to Nichinan at Midvalley as KC say the chicken over there was something I must try… Actually I passed this Japanese restaurant many times but never realize the decoration is so unique and calming. From outside, it look expensive and I never thought to pay a visit because I am on tight budget…Since KC assure the chicken is awesome I don’t mind spending that extra penny!

Nichinan (2)

Picture is not allowed inside but trust me the decoration are something to admire to…

Nichinan (1)

Only managed to capture one picture of the interior…I cannot imagine how long the cleaner takes to clean up every single of the saddle! LOL

Nichinan (3)

There is many dishes that I have not seen elsewhere and surprisingly the price are quite alright. Their set meal are quite worthy too..


The Nichinan Chidori was too special that I don’t quite able to accept it… Maybe some may like it just like KC. I googled chidori and it say it’s a kind of plover (bird)..The meat tasted like chicken to me… more like a grilled chicken but with unique spices all together.

Nichinan (5)

The chidori is good to go with sauce on the left. The one in the middle are spicy ones! Oh yes I love the pea sprout at the base!

What captivate my heart is the Gyoza (Dumpling). The texture and flavour are all awesome…Imagine biting it with smoke coming out and the crispy skin just break into two…. One thing though the filling is not packed…If they could be less stingy then it will super awesome!

Nichinan (6)Gyoza

The vinegar are not the same with what I always taste too…Lighter so it does mask the Gyoza flavour.

Nichinan (7)

Finally we have Ika Foil (Squids), tasted like mentaiko sauce but less creamy… Chewing it like chewing rubber…. Can’t chew much as after a while I feel tired!

Nichinan (4)Ika Foil, RM 12

This restaurant is worth revisiting because there is so many things to try from the menu! Till then hope you have a nice Tuesday and Merry Christmas to all of you!

Nichinan Jidoriya

Mid Valley Boulevard, Kuala Lumpur.


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