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Mayfair R3 Pro Facial & Body Slimming Treatment Review + Free Treatment for all my readers

Hello girlsss… I am so happy to share with you this new facial that I just discover!!!!!! I have try a lot, yes A LOT of facial before this and only a few that are on my Excellent Book List and this Mayfair facial totally is one of it. The fact that I am able to fall asleep for almost entire session means the facial is super relaxing!!!!!!!! Well this is only one of the reason why they score an ‘A’ from me… You gotto read further as I will tell you what makes Mayfair facial different from other….

p/s: if you want to know how you can try this facial treatment for free you gotto read till the end..Just simple steps to try the facial and body treatment for free. 

R3 Pro Facial Treatment

After I got changed, I lay on the bed feeling excited to see how will this facial turns out… Sometime at facial things can turn the opposite way! It began with letting me sniff in some essential oil, and from that I know my facial will be good….

The bed were really comfortable and the fact that they provide comforter instead of towel totally give +points!!! I remember there’s one time I went for facial, they use a super small rough towel to cover my body, I was shaking in coldness underneath the tiny rough towel..It was the worst experience ever…
The extraction goes on smoothly without being super painful. After the extraction she uses a machine which will help to tone & lift up the skin especially chin area… Look how sharp my chin is after the treatment… Did you also notice my skin is glowing? There’s not much of red marks on my skin even after extraction! Perfect, no one gonna look at me like a weirdo when I walk out later.
Then we proceed to mask application. The R3 Pro Collagen is used in this facial. It provide powerful toning, moisturizing and its a very effective antioxidant that will awaken your skin, spirit and senses. The mask is the star of the day!! It’s very cooling and soothing to my skin… Then I fall asleep right away after she placed on the mask on my face…. I plan to return again for the facial!!
After the facial, I put on this tiny cloth bikini and panties, I find it very cute….
Vibe Kinetic Therapy (Full Body) Treatment
It was time for body slimming treatment…. She uses Slim Master machine which produce intense ultra-sound deep into fatty layer, creating micro-bubble that generated and hits the surface of fat cells, triggering the implosion and the emulsification of fat cells, which were absorbed by the lymphatic system and drainage system, thus eliminated from the body. It can also stimulate the body to increase secretion of LPL enzyme, which will decompose the fatty acids into energy. The ultrasound will react with my body energy where by it will generate some sound that can only be heard by me. It’s like some space-alike sound when the machine massaging on my belly… The sound is alright, just some sound, no pain or uncomfortable noise. 
After that, I put on a kimono and then move to another room for some EXERCISE!! Not much movement by me actually!!! I just stand still and the machine will do it’s thing…So cool!!!!!!! 
The Vibe Kinetic Therapy (VKT) machine will vibrate in a high speed motion to help burnt the body calories. The calories consumption by this machine is much faster and more efficient compared to normal exercise. For only 10 minutes of time, VKT can consume 500 calories, equivalent to one to two hours of the exercise. YES 2 hour!!!!!!!!!!!Therefore, it helps to speed up weight loss program. For a moment I feel like buying this machines home… hmmmm how much does it cost leh?
After that, they apply chilli cream all over my body and wrap me with cling wrap and I was tucked in a hot blanket….  I don’t feel comfortable with the chilli cream scent and when I was wrapped inside the hot blanket it got too hot for me , which I then got out from it…

The staff therefore wipe it off for me. But a pro tip here – you might wanna head home straight after the treatment as the cream can get a little bit sticky.

I would definitely return for the facial and the VKT machine treatment…. I love how my skin look after the facial, must be the collagen doing it’s thing!!! It’s just glowing from within!!and the whole facial is just so so comfortable that i fall asleep all the way….

Now if you want to try out either one of this treatment for free just make sure you follow/subcsribe to all my social media and youtube, then leave a comment tell me which treatment (facial or body slimming) you want to try and why. Remember to leave your email in the comment section so we can send you the redemption voucher. Once you completed all the step, you will be getting the free treatment. Only 10 lucky winner will be picked, so do hurry!!

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Alright girls happy trying out the facial and body slimming treatment kay? Love you girls muuuacksssssss…

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