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Cubecrate Review – Introducing all new Cubecrate

Holaaaaa…. Today I have something new to share with you that I am excited about…. The beauty box scene in Malaysia pretty much dead… I have been wanting to get a beauty box for myself because I really love the surprise. I came across Cubecrate, and honestly I wasn’t really thrilled about it at first. Reason is, it’s not only a beauty box but a box filled with various items like things we use everyday and etc. So I thought well these things are usually quite useless to me so I wasn’t really excited about it at first…. When I receive the box I was blown away!!!!! I love almost every little thing inside… It combine some useful thing that I will use daily and some beauty and organic product that I am happy to try out…

cubecrate review1

Cubecrate works like beauty box but instead of only giving beauty product they add in various little knick-knacks & décor items, handy everyday things, midnight snacks and cute accessories too. How fun is that? Cubecrate will surprise you with this little box filled with amazing goodies every month, no need to wait for Christmas or Birthday. Worried the box does not fancy you? Let them know and they will send you another box that promise to make your day filled with joy and happiness.

I really love the item they packed in the box and for only RM 25 I find it very affordable…. After looking at the box I find the product in it is all full size which definitely worth more than what is paid for. I absolutely like the Joey’s Homemade Cashew nut butter, RM22. I am a fan of peanut butter and never try other nut version and this is a great new flavour to explore… It’s not as thick as peanut butter, it has a goey light creamy texture and has very good cashew nut & butter aroma. YUMSSSSSS!

The Claire Organic Roll on perfume oil is my new love… I roll on my neck and inside wrist at night time… The calming scent helps relaxed my mind after work.. I like that it is in a roll-on as it’s so convenient to apply without making my whole palm filled with oil…. Claire Organic’s product all 100% chemical free that are also safe for baby use.

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My next favourite is this wunder woman lip balm and the wunderduck soap…. Haha I find the name really catchy and the lip balm packaging is so funky too…. I had tried it once it gives my lip moisture and a natural red stain… The soap smell good but I’m not sure if I would use it because it is just to adorable!! All of their product is cruelty free, cosmetic vegan, paraben free, SLS free and all natural.

Then there’s also the coupon provided by  Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. They offer extensive menu of cosmetic procedures. aesthetic treatments and health services to enable you to attain your desired perfection in beauty. health and wellness. I like that the voucher provide one-off redemption without any minimum purchases. I will try them out soon especially the upper lip removal haha…

cubecrate review2

Keycover is something really fun to use. They keep your keys away from scratching you phone screen while in the bag and make find it easy in the big compartment in your bag. I really like it, they are many other design though I wish I got the other animal design rather than this blouse design. But it’s still cute!

cubecrate review5

Bloom This, a flower subscription box that don’t need more attention. I have already blog about it before… You can read about Bloom This here. For all Cubecrate subscriber they get 10% off this month!!

cubecrate review1

In overall I really like all the item inside the box… I never expect that all these item is so good… Unfortunately, the box outlook doesn’t really excites me. I would prefer a more well designed box as it add more surprise and attractiveness to the whole thing. Although the box are pretty much useless to most but I do love keeping these box and surprise box to me is all about attractiveness….but well fot the price could be asking much for the box..

So if you interested, you can start subscribing now… The more you subscribe the cheaper it is.. and you don’t have to worry if the product you get doesn’t suit you. You can let Cubecrate know they will send you a new box.

So ready for your surprises? Just a click away…. See you in next post soo ciao….

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