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RM 1000 Hair Colour @ Albert Nico Hair Salon

Yes it is true this fantastic Hair Color Ombre Blue & Pink Theme cost Rm1000 to color it. To begin this is not a sponsored post, I paid with my own money! Does it worth it? Hell YESSSSSSSS!!! I have never gotten as much compliment before for all my other hair color I did before. Some told me this hair color make me look slimmer and some said I look like wonder woman. When I enter the workshop everyone were like complementing my hair. So shy actually hehe…. Thank you everyone for complimenting my hair. I am in cloud nine!

Super Candid Photo Taken by Eros

I got my hair done at the famous celebrity Albert Nico Hair Salon. To be honest, I would never thought that I willing to part with my money for this hair color but DAMN… It’s so gorgeous how could I not?

I won the contest fro We Style Asia thank to Choy Peng for tagging me. So the contest I won was only a basic hair coloring but I wanted bleach with bright colours…

I contacted We Style Asia and ask for the amount to top up and they told me it will be around RM 600. Well not surprised but I do feel it’s a little too pricey as I can pay that exact amount for a full hairdo else where with treatment. I shared my concern with We Style Asia staff, Loubna as I am skeptical on this because I am not any Celebrity or Datin. i do not want to pay so much money and ended up being treated like freebie loader…. I experience before where I went for a review at a reputable Salon and because I am not paying Datin/ VIPs I was treated badly the entire session. She is a really nice girl and help to explain to me that Albert & Nico is a professional salon and will definitely do their best to give me a good hair treatment experience. Albert & Nico stylist, Wendy even make and exception to dye my hair on Saturday. It’s super busy schedule due to CNY.

As I talk to Wendy, I asked about the hair treatment. Usually, I do hair treatment right after hair colouring. Wendy said that usually hair treatment is not required as the hair color they used is not damaging. I am totally sold and decided to invest into this Hair Colouring as I always want to know if it is worth what they charge.

Sorry I didn’t take much photo because I wasn’t planning blogging about it. All photos were taken from workshop which is not intended to show my hair actually hahha. During the hairdo because their schedule was really busy and Wendy doens’t have enough time for the highlight but she said she will try her best to give me highlight on my hair. During the process I can’t really see the highlight and feeling really sad…. Well I can’t see what she did at the back of my hair… After drying and curling my hair, the highlight starts to shows up…. Woooowwwwwww so pretty The ombre that she made from dark to blue to pink is so stunning… The blue shade has grey highlight while the pink has fuhsia highlight….

Taken this to show how the Althea Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette & Watercolor Cream Tint look on me

One thing I am surprise is that after two round bleaching, my hair wasn’t really dry at all…. In fact it’s very soft, smooth and the color stays on very well. The above picture is after two wash at home. I remember cleary the last few time I did my hair elsewhere, after the bleaching my hair become super rough and dry but not this time. Super Impressed. The color ombre and distribution is very even and make the ombre look really beautiful. I am also very happy with the entire experience in Albert Nico, Wendy is super down to earth and very attentive. 

To be exact Wendy told me the basic hair color I won is around RM 350 and I top up RM 600 so total is RM 950. I just thought to round it up for the title. Now you ask if RM 950 worth it? IT DOES!!!! Will I pay again to dye my hair here? Maybe if I have the budget. I’m actually thinking to save up to dye here again because I really love the outcome plus by far this hair color I got the most compliments!

Take note though the RM 950 does not include hair cut/ trim. It will cost RM 95 for hair trimming. If not mistaken full hair cut (restyle) will be more expensive.

“So whats the most expensive hair do you have paid so far?”

Let me know in the comment down below. To be honest this is by far the most expensive I ever paid for. A great way for rewarding myself for great job last year. To a better 2019!!

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