The Best Apps To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Getting married is one of the most exciting and magical experiences you’ll ever have. Having said this, the planning process can be somewhat stressful. The best thing to do is to get organized as soon as possible. You might be hiring a wedding planner, or doing some of the planning yourself. Either way, these apps can help you to get your ideas together, and save yourself the stress.

  1. Joy 

With this free application, you can manage your guests, RSVPs, and more. Using Joy you can collect photographs, share photographs, and create a social network for all guests. There’s no need to fret about lost invites, Joy saves everything you need digitally. To get creative, why not customize the app with your preferred fonts and colors?

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  1. The Knot 

The Knot app makes the wedding planning process simple. Using this application you can search for vendors, manage your budget, and organize your registry. The first step is to complete a ‘style quiz’, establishing which kind of wedding you’re looking to create. Using the quiz results you can determine your style, colors, decor, and more. It’s easy to upload your sources of inspiration (whether it’s photos from Instagram or Pinterest). 

The Know also provides a ‘wedding guest list manager’, here you can input your spreadsheets and contacts. Once you’ve done so, the app will organize your wedding list for you.

  1. iWed Planner

The iWed Planner application has lots of handy features, to support your wedding planning. Here you’ll find note-taking, vendor tracking, and a to-do-list. There’s a section to help you manage your seating plan, track your RSVPs, and keep on top of your budget. It’s a free app which helps to deal with your key tasks, without the hassle. Once you’ve input your key info here you can provide this data to your wedding planner (if you have one). Some people prefer to rely on friends and family, to help them to get everything organized.

  1. The Guest 

The Guest app allows you to access all the videos and photos that your guests take throughout the wedding. There’s no need for separate apps, tagging, or uploading, The Guest app takes care of it all! As long as every guest has an iPhone, it’s simple to take advantage of this handy app. All you have to do is create an event, and the Guest app will automatically share the photos, as they are taken. Each guest can delete or pause auto-sharing, whenever they wish. Photographs can be accessed in full resolution, and you no longer have to wait to get your wedding photographs. To organize your wedding photos, this is the app you need.

When you’re organizing a wedding you’ll have so much on your mind. Whether you’re organizing your theme or reading a guide to wedding dress silhouettes, there’ll be plenty on your to-do-list! With the help of these apps, it’s easy to plan many different aspects of your big day.

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