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Laneige Pore Control BB Cream, Cushion Highlighter, Natural Cushion Concealer & K Secret Cushion Tint Review

Anyeonghaseyo!! Have you have a great weekend? I certainly do.. Lately I have been hook up with Korean Makeup as I have found a BB cream that match my skin that doesn’t make me look white and pale….Also because it less complicated with Korean Makeup as it’s more toward natural look so the eye part work is lesser and applying BB cream is much quicker too!

So few weeks ago I went to Laneige Beauty Road Show in Mid Valley Mega Mall, were you there too?? There is lots of activities lined up on that day like latest Korean Makeup Tips by Laneige Makeup Artist, Gift to grab from a flying box, fun and quirky dance from a Korean Group and many more! So here is some of the picture I taken that day, just to show you some before I move on to the review of the Cushion Makeup I got from Laneige.

This is me while on the way to Mid Valley. I am doing Korean Makeup that day hehe… For some reasons I really like the makeup I did the other day. and kinda like my natural hair curls I did that day too…ok enough of self complementing… sorry I can’t help it! HAHAHAHA..

laniege cushion review1

The MUA is super kawaii, she just so fun to watch when she is doing the makeup.

laniege cushion review4

Korean famous Supermodel Hwang Se-On is here to share her beauty tips and Laneige BB cushion is a must have in her bag.

laniege cushion review3

Now let us move into a quick review of all the Laneige cushion product range that I have tried (refer to below pictures). By that I mean, I will share with you my thought on them and will not put in details of what it is, how to use and so on.

laniege cushion review5

Laneige  BB Cushion Pore Control

When I first got it I thought I might not like it that much because I am not a matte fan and I am worry that it will become too dry on my face but it is not. However it does still look matte but not overly matte and keep my sebum production minimum.

laniege cushion review6

This is my first time trying out Laneige BB Cushion because I don’t usually use BB cream due to the overly wash off white tone of most BB cream. So I find the cushion is really nice to use. It makes my makeup step less complicated and it blend the BB cream onto my skin nicely! This Pore BB cream also has soothing effect and has strong resistance toward perspiration and sebum production thus ensuring it last on the skin for a long time.

laniege BB Pore cushion review 2

I also like that the shade look very natural on me in fact I feel it’s a bit dark because my normal foundation shade is a shade brighter. Whenever I am in rush of time I will be sure to use this over my liquid foundation. Totally love this BB cushion but would prefer the non matte version.. Maybe I should try out the BB Cushion Whitening ones….It does turn greasy after about 3 to 4 hour of application slightly faster then my other foundation but it’s rather good compare to other BB cream which turn greasy in an hour time.

Laneige Watery Cushion Concealer

Alright alright the name sound like it’s super watery but it’s not… It’s lighter compare to other concealer but not so watery. I find the cushion sponge at the back of the concealer really makes application easy….. On first use, I pump quite a number of time to dispense the first pump of product.. I find the coverage really really light almost sheer. It didn’t cover much of my dark circles nor scars.. I don’t think i like this concealer at all.. It’s just too sheer for me… Maybe for super natural no makeup look then can go for this concealer.

laniege BB PORE cushion review

Look at the before and after of using concealer, only a slightly lighten my dark circle and my pimple scar on fore head is still quite visible. I sometime use this on top of my MAC concealer to balance the dark tone as I use a darker tone MAC concealer to cancel off my dark circle. I did not use the cushion to blend because the cushion still has concealer on which make blending too hard.. Maybe I need to get used to pumping the right amount of concealer I need…

Laneige Cushion Highlighter

This is quite similar to the BB cushion just a little bit smaller in size…

laniege cushion review9

The texture is not as matte as the BB pore cream and it has a light shimmering in it.

laniege cushion highlighter review

So it does gives a very pretty highlight on my nose bridge and forehead…. I only find that it’s harder to apply on smaller area like the nose bridge because the sponge is bigger unlike brush which can fit my nose bridge nicely. Also maybe because I am not used to liquid highlighting…It just happen that I prefer powder highlighter than liquid or tube type.

Laneige K-Secret Cushion Tint

The last item that I like to review is this K-Secret Cushion Tint. I looooveee this tint a lot….

laniege cushion review14

This makes lip gradient so much easy to do…. I just need to blend the tint using the cushion at the end…Thing it, I don’t need to wash my finger before and after application because I can use the cushion for blending.

laniege k secret cushion tint review

and hell yes…I love this shade too… I’m using Joy Pink, a hot pink great for girls outing… This tint, basically look more like lipstick to me..For me I think, tint always in liquid form instead of solid form like this… Anyway, this tint glide on my lip smoothly and does not dry out my lip yet give opaque colour in one swipe. Can be used to create gradient or solid bold lip depend on your individual preferences.

Here is my final look after using all the 4 cushion range product from Laneige. I am creating gradient lip using the cushion tint! In just 15 minute, I complete the whole look including eyeshadow and eyebrow drawing…

laniege k secret cushion tint review1

here is another closed up picture of my complete look..

laniege cushion review20

Nice ma my Korean inspired makeup? Still trying to perfect it…hehe..Okla I got to go la..Thank you for reading my review! Sending love to you..muacksss.

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