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Women’s holiday fashion essentials

Summer is just around the corner, meaning families, couples, and singles alike are planning for holiday retreats. When planning for yours, there are certain items you simply can’t leave behind; for women, these are a few of the summer essentials you need to pack, and make sure you bring along, as you are planning for that summer holiday you are taking.


Bring a one piece as well as a two piece. Depending on the location, who you are traveling with, and the crowds around you, some suits might be more appropriate than others. But, for those summer destinations, you are likely going to be beach or poolside, doing outdoor activities, and you are going to want to take a dip in the water; of course you need the right suit. 


But, not those cloggy heels. Instead, a pair you can walk around all day in (such as Birkenstocks). You want a pair which is comfortable, has a solid base, and one that will keep your feet cool, keep you cool, and won’t cause you to blister when you have to walk around all day long to the sites you are going to visit during long days out doing touristy activities.


Whether you bring one pair or several make sure you have a pair of polarized, UV rated sunglasses. It is not just your skin that requires protection from harmful rays, your eyes do as well. So you might as well invest in a quality pair of sunglasses which can last for years to come. Make sure they are polarized as this will help with the harmful rays of the sun, and will help avoid putting too much strain on your eyes when you are outside all day long. 

Versatile skirt and blouse

Whether going out to lunch or hanging out by shopping malls, you want to look good; keep in mind you are in hot temperatures, so you need something comfortable and flattering. A mini skirt, flowing skirt, and a nice tee shirt, is going to make for the perfect summer attire. It will keep you cool, you still look great, and you won’t feel uncomfortable when walking or simply sitting somewhere warm for extended periods of time during the day.

Beach ready bag

Yes, you will need one. For your sunscreen, those reading glasses, your water bottles, snacks for the kids, and the book you are going to read as the day progresses. A purse simply won’t do, and you don’t want to damage a high end purse on the beach or poolside, do you? A nice looking bag is large enough to store away everyone’s belongings, secure your items, and can get wet because these bags are made for warm weather and such climates and regions you will visit during your summer holiday.

There are certain must have items you simply can’t forget as you are planning for your holiday retreat as summer near approaches. All of the above items can be purchased from multiple retailers. If you would like to find the best deals then I would recommend using a catalogue comparison site. These are a few of the must have items you are going to bring no matter which destination you are visiting.

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