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Borjouis Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipstick Review

Good morning ladiesss.. I know a number of my blogger hand has gotten this Borjouis Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipstick for trial and I feel happy to be one of them to get to try this out first hand. As for you if you want to know if this new gloss and lipstick hybrid worth all the hype then you gotto stay tune!!!


These Hybrid lipsticks have transformed the very concept of lipstick with their new formula. With AQUA LAQUE, Bourjois pushes innovation even further, raising the “quality” bar to the next level. Combining a high concentration of water and Nymphea extract which has great moisturising ability (10 hours), it contains all the elements necessary to achieve a light and extremely refreshing texture. Whether to look at or to touch, its liquid texture is so smooth and fine that you’ll forget you’re even wearing lipstick. “As well as providing intense hydration and colour,the formula isn’t sticky on the lips!”

Borjouis Aqua Laque Review

Product Info
Product Name : Borjouis Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipstick (8 shades)
Net Weight : 7.7ml
Price : RM 45.50
Where to Buy : Selected Watson Store Nationwide & Borjouis Counter ,Sunway Pyramid (Malaysia) | Borjouis Website (International)

**For Limited Time Only
These Aqua Laque babies are going at RM42.80 (NP RM 45.50) at both Watsons and Bourjois Kiosk , Sunway Pyramid. For selected Watsons store, you get a gift with RM 60 purchase of Bourjois product; while at the Kiosk, you get a different one with RM 80 purchase.

I receive three out of eight shades which is 01Appechissant, 03 Brun’croyable and 05 Red My Lips Take a look below 8 mouth watering shades for you to consider!


It has a clean glossy chrome twist cap like most lip gloss do. The cap reveal the beautiful colour of each gloss, so identifying the colour from my stash is not a problem at all. Also come in a chubby glass square tube with metallic wording and 3D carving of the branding on the glass body. I find the packaging is classic and sleek. It does look high end and the twist lock is pretty easy to use, no doubt on that at all.

Borjouis Aqua Laque Review 1

Texture & Scent

It has the weirdest texture ever but in a good way…. It’s so glossy and watery… The gloss has high level of shine that it can be seen even if you are 3ft away from the mirror. When apply on lip, it feels like water but it’s highly pigmented. As I press my lip together, it feels like droplets of water burst on my lip. It has a light pleasant scent which is totally fine with me!

Cindy’s Thought

Alright to begin with, this lipstick (or gloss) whichever way you like to call it has the best moisturising effect ever, like ever!!!! It moist my lip for very long really long…. It has very high pigment when first apply but to keep that colour intensity then you cannot drink water or pressed your lips together as it does transfer. However, even though it transferred, the stain will still be on the lip but the gloss is gone leaving a nice sheen on the lip. It can be tricky when first apply because of it’s watery formula the product will not stay put at one place and usually a second layer on certain area of the lip is required. Now you see below swatch picture where the top was really full and glossy while the bottom were a little sheer and that’s when second layer is require to cover it up. You can see how glossy is look, considering below swatch were taken without any flash, the reflection are from my room lighting.

Borjouis Aqua Laque7

They said don’t need lip balm and lip pencil to use this which is really true. I tried using lip balm before hand and it bleeds.. However when I use it on itself it does not bleed at all…. Now onto the swatch of the three colour that I got.

01 Appechissant is a pink coral shade which is pretty sheer. It look very natural and just pure gloss no shimmer or sheen at all… In fact all three colour are the same only glossy but not shimmer. I find this colour can bee too sheer and it does emphasize my lip line but not in drying way.

Borjouis Aqua Laque Review 8

03 Brun’croyable is a plum shade that not overly dark which quite suit my yellow fair skin. I love this colour and it can be wear on any occasion. The colour look really bold!

Borjouis Aqua Laque Review 7

05 Red my Lips is overly bold for me.. I cannot take this red is has too much blue undertone that are way to bright for me. I might only wear this on special occasion.

Borjouis Aqua Laque Review 6

All in all I love this lip gloss because of the moisturising effect and that extra gloss does brighten the entire look…. As time pass, the gloss will be gone as I love pressing my lip and I do need to drink water duh!!!!BUT the stain it left behind turn into a more subtle and natural finish which is great. I wouldn’t say the initial glossy layer is long lasting but in a whole the colour pigment does stay for quite some time but for the 01Appechissant shade because it was too light and sheer it went off pretty fast.

One thing I am impressed is that it doesn’t settle onto fine lines of my dry lip even after long hours. Removing it from my lip never been this easy.. Just one wipe all product it removed unlike most lip product that will settle onto my lip lines and I need a little bit pressure to wipe is off. Not many pigmented lipstick/ gloss can achieve this. For such affordable price I think this gloss beats all my other lip gloss or lip lacquer in terms of hydration!!

p/s: Have you try this lipstick already?? Let me know what you think and let me know if there is any product in your mind that you love to win from Europe as I will be travelling to Europe in 2months time and will be bringing back some goodies for giveaway.



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