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TS Day Out Diwali Theme at Little India Klang

At first I hesitate whether to join this TS Day Out as I wasn’t really too into India Culture. Still I send message to Dian from Tourism Selangor that I would like to join. I believe Tourism Selangor will bring me another awesome TS Day Out and this might change my perspective on India Culture.

So with positive mind, I manage to wake up at 6am and hesitate again whether to put on make up! Knowing it’s all about colour in Diwali celebration, I put on some bright green and blue on my eyes.


This time round, Tourism Selangor is bring us the Diwali TS Day Out. Deepavali also known as the Festival of Lights. Deepavali celebrations are marked by vibrant colours, as well as the themes of light and illumination that reflect the joy and excitement.

We begin the morning by visiting the Hindu Temple, Kuil Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani. One of the oldest Hindu temple in Klang.


It is strategically located at the junction between Jalan Dato Hamzah and Jalan Bukit Jawa.


In the early days, this temple is a place where Indian immigrants worship the Hindu Deities.














Even locals will visit the temple to pray and get blessings.


It has become a very important cultural and heritage attraction in Klang, so make sure you make your way here if you visiting Klang.

We continue to walk to the Klang Old Fire Station. This fire station incorporated the Victorian-style construction that was built in 1890s. Situated at Jalan Tengku Diaudin and Jalan Tengku Kelana. Over the years, renovation has take place but they still preserve most of the main structure and architectural design features. It still looked the way it is the pass hundred years ago.



Just a few metre away were the Klang Selatan Police Station.


The Gedung Raja Abdullah (Raja Abdullah Warehouse) was built in 1857. Before the British converted the warehouse into Government Office, it was first used to store weapons, tin and food. Do you know the first council meeting of Selangor was held in this Government Office?

It also transformed into a police station and remained so until 1974. The lock-ups, with heavy iron gates, still exist. The final transformation take place in 1985, in which it turned to a museum displaying the history of Selangor’s tin mining industry and its role in the development and success of Selangor. Currently, the building is temporarily closed for restoration undertaken by National Heritage Department.










Then we stop by at Chong Kok Kopitiam for a break before we began our shopping spree later!


Located at 5 Jalan Stesen  Kawasan 1, Klang, Selangor. Here is the place where I like to soak my toast onto the dark and intense coffee. Remember to order a cup of coffee here for a great start in the morning!

Kopi (Coffee), RM 1.40 eachimage

Bun with Cold Butter, RM 1.80 eachDiwali35

Bread sliced with Cold Butter , RM 1.80 each.Diwali34

Time for some shopping and walking along the Little India streets. What love most is seeing all the vibrant colour surrounding me including fabrics, woman accessories, food, lightings and decorations. Woman usually dress in Sari, Embroidered Shawlar Kameez or Lehenga Chloi.

The Sari


The Embroidered Shawlar Kameez Diwali63

The Lehenga ChloiDiwali88

Choosing the fabrics..Diwali84

The Woman Accessories! I love the interchangeable watch wrist band.



Colourful Lighting.Diwali59


Cute little elephante…Diwali55

Me and Yuki did a henna on our hand and put Bindi on our forehead!

The Gorgeous Cindianimage

My henna for RM 5.00


Me with Flower Garlandimage

For lunch we were served the Banana Leaf Rice. I can’t really take spicy food so no comment from me!

The Kuah (sauce)Diwali73

The Rice with the Side DishesDiwali77

Tourism Selangor always organize a Photography Contest in TS Day Out and this round the theme is Colours of Rangoli. I am surprised that my photo was chosen as one of the best photography. Thank You  Tourism Selangor for that RM 250 cash prize.


“Diwali is a special time for family and friends to get together for laughter, fun and lots of cheer. Wishing you all, a Happy DIWALI.”

Tourism Selangor is aimed to introduce people to places in Selangor. They are also on constant search for new/hidden gems in Selangor. So if you want to join this TS Day out, remember to like their FB page and follow them on Twitter for their latest updates.

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