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DIY Pre Wedding Photoshoot Project Part 5: Pangkor Beach

We are back with another series of our DIY Prewedding shoot. I didn’t know so many people interested in doing this too…. Since you guys request for more tips and guidelines, I promised I will post a full DIY guideline soon so you guys can do it yourself too. Now back to today topic, the Beach Prewedding Shoot at Pangkor Beach. We actually had our shoot with professional photographer few days ago, so we have learn on how to pose and also some of the angle. This time around most picture was taken by KC & Soo Yin.
 Beach prewedding (1)

We reach the resort quite late and by the time I done my makeup, the sun about to set already. So we repeat the same mistake in Part 3 where we just snap away without paying attention to the camera setting… Also my friend is not used to my camera manual setting and I totally overlook this part. Never thought of stopping in between to check if setting is alright. End up most picture are blur because the aperture too high and can’t focus on zoom in picture. Anyway, I find this time shoot is very beneficial because we learn a lot of things especially on the lighting vs weather also the angle. I kind of master the posing but Thomas still not yet catch the natural posing yet. This time we shoot with real gown on and it’s really not as hard as I think but point is, I advise to use a lightweight gown for DIY shoot. So here is the pictures from this shoot.. I love the composition at the beach but the lighting and focus is totally out. The next round we shall pay more attention on this.

Beach prewedding (2)

Beach prewedding (3)

Beach prewedding (4)

Beach prewedding (5)

Beach prewedding (6)

Beach prewedding (7)

Beach prewedding (8)Beach prewedding (9)

Beach prewedding (10)

Beach prewedding (11)

Thanks for reading my post and all comments on our photoshoot is always welcome!! Love you all…. Let me know which is your favourite picture kay?? XOXO.

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