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Empty Jar or Trash: Jan 2015

Halooooorrrr I am back again.. I specifically like this post where I share items that I have used up or item that I decided to give up and throw it away. Today I am happy that all the item that I will be sharing are all being used up!

Boots Keep it Sweet Passion Fruit Cheesecake Bath & Shower Gel, 500ml

First is this super sweet passion fruit cheesecake… I love this shower gel because of the scent….. It’s sweet but not overly sweet, loving the scent that linger after I shower… I got this from Boots Thailand during promotion which is less RM 15 if not mistaken. Sadly this is not available in Malaysia. It’s not super moisturising but well nothing much to expect for such price. Well but I do feel very refreshing and I hope the scent can last longer…


Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream, RM 100 for 50ml

Oh next is the Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream… It’s said to provide ultimate moisturising effect yet will not makes your skin feel oily… I think the moisturising effect was just alright and I feel it’s still quite oily and sticky compare the other gel moisturiser I have try. However the oiliness and stickiness still better than other cream moisturizer.


Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Leave In Conditioner, RM 60 for 250ml

This is my favourite leave in conditioner.. It smell fantastic, actually all Tigi’s product smell amazing. You should try Tigi product now!! I love all their product… This leave in conditioner leave my hair feeling so smooth and frizz freee… It helps to make my hair manageable and most importantly tangle free… I write a full review for this product before you can read about it here.


Ginvera Marvel White Refining Toner , RM 18.90 for 150ml

Last item is this Ginvera Toner, I love it because of the minty refreshing feeling it give me… As for refining result i think it’s not quite there yet… It does helps to soften my skin especially after I cleanse my face. Well the price is really worthy so i think this is better to be used as a face mist…


Alright I think it’s the end of my post for today… Did you try any of these product?? Let me know on the comment below alright?



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