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Vibrance Kegel Device

Happy International Woman Day to all of you lovely ladies. Today going to share with you something more girly, the Vibrance Kegel Device that will help you with your Kegel Exercise. Before I moved into more details of what is Kegel Exercise and how this device work let’s talk about beauty.

Do you know beauty starts with a better health?? Make up and skin care are just part the thing that enhance your outer beauty. In fact, inner healthy are the one thing that will guarantee you beautiful appearance and glowing skin. Ever heard the most healthy person in the world is the richest person in the world?? You wondered why? You need plenty of money to cure a sickness and it will be worst if the sickness is a prolonged sickness and if it caused death even you have million of cash but you won’t be able to enjoy it when you’re death.


So, last week we were all invited for a yoga session to workout our body to help improve our blood circulation as well as to calm our mind.


During the session, I learn many new yoga post and some funny posses call happy baby where everyone laugh at it!


After the yoga session we were introduce to Vibrance Kegel Device (VKD). Honestly, I was just like you I have never heard of Kegel before too.. Now what is Kegel Exercise? How it help to improve your healthy? Kegel exercise are basically muscle exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle by contracting and relaxing muscles that form part of your pelvic floor.

What is pelvic floor??  See below illustration for easy understanding.

and if you having problem in the following area you might need VKD to help you with your Kegel Exercise.


Kegel exercise can be done at home by your own BUT it’s easy to do the wrong way! You contract everything BUT not your pelvic floor muscle. So here is where VKD comes in, it helps to identify the correct muscle through active biofeedback where a mild vibration pulse with audio will deliver when the pelvic floor muscles contract. This will ensure your are contracting the right muscle effectively without needing to waste time locating the muscle or training the wrong muscle.
The VKD set comes with one Kegel device, 3 different resistance level of Sheaths, batteries, lubricant and cleanser.


The device is extremely light weight and its protected with a small and light capsule making highly portable and suitable for woman who always on the go.

imageThe capsule to store the VKD device

The sheaths is made from Medical Grade Silicone Rubber of the highest specification and built for maximum comfort to ensure it doesn’t harm or damage pelvic floor muscle during the exercise. It’s very easy to clean by using Vibrance cleanser and simply air dry it.

The Vibrance offers increasing levels of resistance. and this is done by calibrated sheaths with increasing stiffness. Coupled with the biofeedback, the resistance sheaths allow a user to know accurately if her pelvic floor muscles are being adequately strengthened, as more strength will be needed in order trigger the vibration.

imageThe sheath resistance level

After the sharing session, we also had a fun learning session how to brand ourself based on the BLING Factor (Diamond Bling) by KD Ismalasari. It was a very funny session as the trainer is very cheerful person. She makes everyone laugh and it’s really great to learn and be happy at the same time!!

Vibrance7Look at her bright smile…

The we have Q&A session and quiz too!! Guess what I won a toaster hehehe.. What a great Saturday right??


We end the session with Audrey from Fourfeetnine.com to share with us the challenge she faced as a woman. Yes woman has to go through so many thing since we born…. if you are the elder one you have to take of your bro and sister la…then the menstrual and the crazy cramp la, giving birth la, being mother la, being good wife where we need to juggle between work and taking care of family….OMG so many thing to take care… So Ladies it’s important to take care of your healthy and your pelvic floor is your main system in your body and it also a very important element that will support your fetus during pregnancy. Start doing your Kegel Exercise effectively with Vibrance Kegel Device.


The Vibrance Kegel Device (inclusive of one Kegel device, 3 different resistance level of Sheaths, batteries, lubricant and cleanser) is priced at RM 498.00. It is available via the following channel:

  1. Online Purchase
  2. Shins Outlet
  3. Beauty Centres
  4. Pharmacies

For more info please contact them via phone, email or visit their official website.

No. 21, Jalan 4/62A
Bandar Menjalara, Kepong
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +603-6273 3068
Fax No: +603-6272 0093 
Official Website: www.myvkd.com 
FB Page: www.fb.com/myvibrance




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