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5 Ways to stun the crowd at your next event

Hosting a successful event comes with a lot of planning and preparation. At least it did for me as I was planning for my upcoming open house. Whether you’re working on a birthday, a wedding, or a simple house party, the pressure to impress your guests is always there. Stun the crowd with any of these ideas and have your guests raving about your party for days!

  1. Create some buzz

Promote your event by creating marketing collateral and sharing them on social media. If you’re brewing a private party, send out invitations at least a month before the event and follow up via RSVP. Setup a Facebook event page to remind them of the details and also to get a headcount of attendees. Update them about what to look forward to, what to bring, what to wear, and so on. Generating buzz around your event makes people excited and curious.


  1. Set the mood with proper styling

Wow your guests as soon as they enter the venue by having it impeccably styled according to your theme. Hire professional stylists to help you bring out your vision for the event. Florists and stylists usually go hand in hand for formal events that require blossoms and foliage. Events nowadays are getting more and more competitive visually. Have your guests snapping here and there because of the beautiful decorations. Let them show off how grand and pretty your event is by making your venue Instagram worthy. An event that’s brimming in aesthetics will definitely stun your guests.

  1. Hire some entertainment

Keep the crowd entertained by providing the right entertainment to liven them up. Depends on the age range of your guests you may go from hiring a band, a DJ, an acoustic team, or a quartet. Music is a staple in any event, whether mp3 or live. If you’re holding an intimate event perhaps you can get some strings to play in the background. Not too loud to facilitate small chatter, and not too soft that it’s too quiet. For a casual house party, digital music will do, but for sure there will be guests volunteering to show off their talents. Your choice of entertainment relies on the type of event you’re throwing.


  1. Pick your menu wisely

Food is a critical part of any event. It’s the one thing guest will always give feedback on. It’s a make or break thing. They’ll remember it for days if the food rocked or sucked and judge your event by it. Get a credible and reputable caterer to supply your food for your event. If you’re looking for a buffet spread, make sure there’s enough selection available. Appetizers, drinks, soup, dessert, and four entrees in fish, chicken, pork, and beef are pretty staple. Don’t forget some alcohol for the after party!


  1. Thank your guests

Your guests are the measure of your success. It’s important to show your gratitude to them in any way necessary. Whether by small tokens given before they leave, or by the way of thank you cards. Let them know how grateful you are of their presence and how the event would not be possible without them. Whatever event you’re hosting, you sure owe it to your guests if it’s a flip or flop!

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