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[Review] FoodPanda, An Online Food Delivery Service

More often we got caught up with mountain high papers, tight deadlines and with so little time to finish it which we got so engrossed to finish that it passed the lunch hours. With the tummy growling and the nearest food joint at a distance, I decided to try out FoodPanda, an online food delivery service.

Though launched not too long ago in Malaysia, I was surprised with wide selection of restaurants that they offer which is pretty impressive.

  clip_image002 Welcome Screen

 Intrigue to know more, a quick browse through the site would entice visitor with list of restaurants and array of palate serving in the pictures. The welcome screen would show some easy steps to follow that enable order easy. So I pick the location closest to my area and start selecting the restaurants.

clip_image004 Select Location

Wanting to grab something fulfilling, I had decided to give Canadian Pizza a try (With their 2 for 1 option, the choice was easy).

clip_image006 Chosen Restaurant

After decided on which Pizza to choose from, proceed to check out and payment which first time order would be prompt to key in the details required and create the account. Being convenient, this would also skip the hassle of key in the same information all over again.

clip_image008 Create Account

Subsequently, they will send an email confirmation to verify the email address and voila, you’re done to proceed with orders. As the time of order, I was given 2 options on method of payment either Paypal or Cash on Delivery which select the latter. After check out the orders, another prompt screen would appear and require to key in the mobile verification code which will be sent to the mobile number registered prior.

clip_image010 Mobile Verify

clip_image012 Screenshot

Upon confirming the order, there will an email sent to confirm the orders and to refer on the item order. Subsequently a SMS would also be sent to confirm the delivery of order. You can also view the orders from the orders section.

clip_image014 Email Confirmation

clip_image016 Order confirmed

clip_image018 Orders

I was surprised on how fast and efficient the service got processed as several minutes after the order was made, FoodPanda personnel called to reconfirm on the address and reaffirming the delivery schedule. Though it was mentioned that the delivery would lead to up 60 mins but it was sent in just under 30 mins from the inception. Now that is fast delivery for a growling tummy.

clip_image020 Tada, Food is Delivered

clip_image022 Italian Classic (Large)

clip_image024 Tropical Seafood (Large)

With the food being delivered, it is time to dig in and feast before conquering the mountain of papers again. So if you got caught up with work and can’t find yourself time to eat out, perhaps it’s time to dine in with steaming hot food served right on the doorstep and just a few clicks, you could enjoy a meal in the midst of your busy hour. They also have the app which is available for Android and iOS users whom is always on the go and can’t access from the desktop terminal. Now that is order made simple with FoodPanda.

clip_image026 App Store – FoodPanda

clip_image028 Launching the FoodPanda app

With their expanding list of restaurants to choose from, wide selection of food joints would available with a touch on the phone or just a click on the mouse, FoodPanda service would appeal to many in their quest for meals, anytime within the day.
For more details, do visit:-
Canadian Pizza Direct Link in FoodPanda: 



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