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Pre Chinese New Year Celebration with Yadah @ Little Wanton + Yadah Product Review

By the time you reading this I am on Silk Air flying to Singapore for an Fam Trip. I’ll be missing all of you!!
I know there’s still 2 more week before the Grand Chinese New Year Celebrations begin but Yadah & Butterfly Project is so thoughtful to planned this Pre Chinese New Year Celebration with 5o bloggers at Little Wanton.

There are few things I want to highlight in this post so I will separate it into 3 portion as below:
1) CNY celebration with Butterflies & Yadah
2) Little Wanton Food Review (brief)
3) Yadah Product Review (brief)

1) CNY celebration with Butterflies & Yadah

Let’s begin shall we??? I had trouble locating this Little Wanton Restaurant so it took me a while to arrive… First is I am not familiar with TTDI area and it’s raining plus the sign board is so small hanging on first floor…I forget it was on first floor..thought it was ground floor..Round at the same row few time already!!!! I know you wanna ask why I am stupid right? well I am with maps and location!!!!! Muahahhahaha
So as usual Elaine from Yadah introduce some of Yadah Product to us.

Yadah4Elaine explaining how to use the Yadah Sweet Milk Tint!

So I will not go in detail about Yadah product because I have already share with you girls in my last Yadah post! Missed out on that? Read about it here.

Yadah8The girls paying attention to the presentation! Like attending lecture! So serious wei!

After the presentation, we were give 3 different Sunblock to test. It was quite funny because some girl say I like that one..some girl say that one smell nicer….

Yadah9Three different sunblock with different SPF & different brand too!
Yadah11Sunblock swatch on the skin

Can you see the sunblock become thicker from A – C? This is because the SPF become higher from A – C. Do you know higher SPF doesn’t mean better or more effective? Why? It is not possible a sunblock can block 100% of Sunray.. Dermatologist recommend using sunblock with at least SPF30 which block almost 97% of sunray.

So can you guess which one is Yadah’s sunblock? Honestly, before I discover the brand behind these white creamy sunblock I actually prefer the B ones. It smell pleasantly not too strong and doesn’t feel greasy on my skin. In fact it felt quite refreshing when apply on my skin!

Tadahhhhh The all new Yadah Oh My Sunblock is the one tagged with ‘B’
This sunblock will only be release later in this month! Should you get this?? Read till the end for my review of this Sunblock!

Oh this is only the first activity!! The second activity is to try the multi purpose Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser!!


Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser
yadah bubble deep cleanserLeft is pencil eyeliner and right is liquid eyeliner

After massaging the bubble cleanser on my wrist, I wipe off with tissue (Eyeliner does not remove without wiping off with tissue). So as you can see the liquid liner is fully removed but not the pencil eyeliner. I think for eye makeup best to use special eye remover.

p/s: in depth review of this product at the bottom of this post

Just so you thought there is no more activity but you are wrong! The final activity is a competition!!!!! 2 selected blogger will be racing against each other to finish the bowl of Little Wanton noodle and the one who finished first get to win a prize from Yadah!! This contest is to test how lasting is the Yadah Lip Balm.
Fuwahhh No joke wei…Jenifer literally gulp down the whole bowl of noodle leh!! Watch this video!

Congrats to both participant!! Because they are such a sport both get a prize from Yadah!!!!!!


Yadah 2014 ProductSome of Yadah range of product!! Didn’t know they have body wash and shampoo too!

Illy then give a closing speech and we can now enjoy our noodle by Little Wanton!!


While the girls queuing for the noodle I went to selca with Yadah!!!!!!! ^^

Yadah44Yadah is so cute isn’t it? Continue to read as I try to imitate her look!



Oh yes we also required to write down our New Year Resolution…

Yadah45Wrote down my New Year Resolution but not going to tell u now!

well shall we move on to yummy Wantons and Noodles?

2) Little Wanton Food Review (brief)

The restaurant is decorated with vintage lantern, wooden craft door, aging dimmed light bulb and yellowish paintings hanging on the wall.. It brings memories to those who grown up in that era. I will sure bring my family over as it bring so much meaning to them..

Yadah51Counter to order your food!
Yadah5Vintage dimmed lighting
Yadah6Yellow Old painting
Yadah7Beautiful Blinder backdrop

When we were there, we were first served with sweet wanton..

Yadah50Picked one please!

When asked, they said it is filled with Kaya & Banana…I was blurred for a while as I have never tasted such wanton. Oh between in case you doesn’t know what is wanton, it is another type of dumpling but instead of the halve shape but this is like a round base with sharp edges on top! We Chinese love to eat this along with egg noodle either soup or dry.


First bite into the sweet wanton it felt almost like eating crepe wrapped with banana and kaya but thicker skin and smaller in form but more filling. We also tried chocolate banana which are equally good!!

Yadah36Kaya & Banana Wanton!!

Later we moved on with the savoury type which I used to eat…That what I thought but this is not like the usual with minced meat but far more different…. Mushroom Wanton filled with creamy sauce and mushroom slice..Taste almost like carbonara sauce but not as thick!

Yadah35Creamy Mushroom Wanton

There is another one named Sausage Wanton with creamy cheesy sauce… This was the best one!

Yadah1Cheesy Sausage Wanton

Beside these fried wanton there’s cold noodle to go along with. Never really fancy cold and sourish noodle but not for this time! I fell in love with the Aromatic Garlic Vinegar Noodle… Consist of very unique combination of charcoal noodle, chicken slice, lychee (a type of fruit), sesame and hard boiled egg. Not too sourish just a hint and it actually taste more of sweet than sour, it must be the sweet lychee on the side.. It gave a very refreshing taste and a good chew over it! It’s so appetizing!


Yadah32A picture Before we finish all the noodle!!

So there you go a brief review on Little Wanton. If you wanna try these wanton refer to below address.

Little Wanton TTDI
No: 20-1 (First Floor)​,
Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000, Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +603 7732 8613
[email protected]

Open Daily
Monday to Friday 12pm – 10pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 11am – 10pm​​​​

So what are the goodies I got from Yadah and how they score?? Here is a quick and brief review for you lovely ladies!!

3) Yadah Product Review (brief)

A. Yadah Oh My Sunblock
The cute name and the adorable packaging make girls scream over it!! I love the light texture thought it’s still a lil greasy compare to the gel type sunblock but this consider quite light compare to other cream sunblock I have use. The scent is light with a hint of lemon scent and the texture wise are not too whitish!! Blend well with my skin tone and can be use as makeup base!

p/s: I trying to imitate Yadah look but my flat and long hair just failed…. Please don’t laugh on my silly trial!

Yadah52Yadah Oh My Sunblock, RM 36.00 for 50ml

B. Yadah Bloom Mascara

Well the name suggest that my lash will bloom prettily like flower…While it lengthen my lashes but it does not give volume to my lash even after 3 coat… However, I love the fact that it does not clump my lashes and it does not smudge after long hours of application.

Yadah53Yadah Bloom Mascara, RM 35

p/s I am using the Bloom Mascara in above picture

C. Yadah Lip Tint Balm

With the name tint I expect very pigmented pink ink on my lips..but I am all wrong…There’s almost colourless when apply on my lip. The non sticky and sweet scent is the highlight of this lip balm!!!!!! I use them everyday now because it felt comfortable on my lip! Even better than the other brand I tried so far! Keep my lip looking moisturised and no more chapped lip!

Yadah55Yadah Lip Tint Balm, RM 25

p/s the red colour on my lip are from my other lipstick not the lip balm!

D. Yadah Sweet Milky Tint

Can be use on cheek and lip. I prefer to use it on my lip than on my cheek. It’s rather hard to blend on cheek but it’s easier to spread on my lip… The special think bout this lip tint is the texture almost like water and it give cool feeling on my cheek and lip! The colour is prominent on my cheek (as you can see in below picture) but almost colourless on lip (so I apply red lipstick on top of it)

Yadah54Yadah Sweet Milky Tint, RM 25

E. Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser

Like mentioned above this 2 in 1 cleanser can remove dirt, impurities, excess sebum and face makeup but not eye makeup ya! Love that it’s not drying my skin when I tested on hand..I have not test in on my face yet..I will try it when I finish my current cleanser.

Yadah57Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser, RM49 for 150ml

 Beside this I also get the following but have not try them yet..Full review will be up real soon kay?

Yadah58Nose Pack, Toner & Moisturizer
Yadah60The recyclable Yadah Bag!
Thank You Yadah for such an amazing celebration with us Butterfly and Butterfly project team for planning this too!! To end my super long post, I’ll put some of the pretty group picture we took!! Thank you for reading! Have a great day!
Yadah34Candid Pic!
Yadah47with the butterflies and Mamasan Tammy!
Yadah49Super love this picture with Kah Mon!
For more info checkout:
p/s stay tune for my upcoming tutorial using Yadah Makeup for Chinese New Year (CNY) look.. very light and simple can be done in 30minutes! Here is the picture of my CNY look!



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