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TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

I got this mask a month back… I was too busy to have time to put on mask… Finally I got my hand on the most talk about mask, Timeless Truth Mask. This relatively hot weather does really makes one become so uncomfortable and feel tired easily! When I reach home I just wanted something cool to sooth my mood! Cooling mask is the great solution for my face after a whole day under the humid and hot weather.

The mask packaging comes in a icy blue colour does really caught my eyes..It gives an imaginary cooling effect! As usual I store all my mask in fridge for that extra cool feeling I love! I love how the packaging is easily peeled off. You know some packaging just doesn’t provide a sharp cut out to be tear off easily. That makes me have to look for a scissors for rescue!

TT Brightening Mask2

The mask itself is super moist. When I removed it from the package, the essence keep dripping…

TT Brightening Mask3Can you see my fingers is layered with the mask essence??

The mask is layered with a base plastic with lots of hole to ensure the mask has more air ventilation which can avoid bubble trap in between the mask and the base plastic.

TT Brightening Mask4

Loving how the mask fit into my face!! Just nicely fit!!! Oh yes I love to put on mask after shower with my towel wrapping my hair!!

TT Brightening Mask5TT Brightening Mask6










Can’t really smile though the mask is really cooling and soothing but leg hurt’s like shit!!! Surprised smileSurprised smile

I forget to take the before picture…The cooling effect from the menthol derived from peppermint really make me loving this mask a lot. It was so enjoying to have a piece of minty mask on my face! I love everything minty like shampoos, hair treatment and drinks too!

Besides, giving that instant cooling it also leave my face moisturized and supple! Look at my after photo, so smooth and supple..

TT Brightening Mask7

However, when this mask leave for about 20 minutes, it totally dries off…. The sheet become dry like a piece of cottony paper. This is my first encounter with mask fully dries off….Probably all essence has absorbed into my face!

Anyway i love this minty mask so much! It gives cooling effect even if your store in room temperature! The cooling effect remain for 20 minutes!!


TT instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask retails at RM 8.00 each.

For more info check out TT Mask official Website.

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