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Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway Damask Rose Sunblock Review

Being a rose lover and having discover this Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway Damask Rose Sunblock is like the best thing ever happen in my skincare search! To be honest I skip sunblock all the time for one it’s being too greasy and some sting my eyes when I rub my eyes… Well this Sunaway Sunblock tick all list to look at when buying sunblock and the best part it contains Damask Rose!!!!!!! It’s like magic just happen! Ever since I got this sunblock I been using it daily, my skin smelling like rose every morning.

The lightweight formula used in Petal Velvet Sunaway Sunblock will leave your skin feeling velvety soft and hydrated all day while protecting your skin from all the harmful UV & UVB rays (SPF 50 PA++). It controls excessive sebum on the skin using the micro powder system.

Althea uses natural ingredient in this sunblock and also cruelty free. This sunblock contains damask rose extract, hyaluronic acid and geranium oil. The damask rose extract is deeply hydrating and soothes irritations, leaving the skin feeling healthy . Your skin will feel deeply hydrated with the hyaluronic acid in the sunblock while the Geranium oil gives the skin a radiant boost and heals acne.


The velvet fluid alike texture is super lightweight and translucent in color. Hence there is no white cast left on your skin after the application like other sunblock do.



As I express in the beginning of this post I really love this sunblock and been using it everyday. I love the light and fluidity texture yet non greasy finish texture. My skin feels moisturised but not oily. Having combination skin, my T-zones always turns oily but this sunblock seems to control my T-zone sebum production quite well.

My favourite quality of this sunblock is the Damask Rose scent. It smell so good and not artificial at all. In fact this smell more like those rose essential oil kind. So in love with the scent!!  In addition, most sunblock sting my eyes when I apply on my skin. This is because I always rub my eyes due to my sinus, I just can’t help it. Hence my finger usually will pick up some of the product on my skin when I rub my eyes it sting my eyes so bad and I end up washing it off and leave my skin with just moisturiser.

To add, the price is only RM 44 each super affordable okay? I’ll probably use this for long term I guess, at least I will repurchase another bottle when I finish mine. By the way Althea’s elf if you are reading this may I also suggest you to come out with another one using Lavender scent? I would love to purchase it for sure!

The only thing is that I feel the cap is alil harder to close and screw tight it… Its like it’s not so balanced hence the cap cant screw properly. Its not a big deal actually jus need 2-3seconds more to screw it properly. Other than the cap I really love this sunblock. I will definitely repurchase and would recommend it to everyone. Even if you have dry skin I would recommend this Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway it to as my friends who has dry skin has been loving this so much.


If you like to purchase this sunblock you can get them from my fav Korean Skincare Online Shop Althea at this link. Happy shopping and enjoy the sun & tan! XOXO


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