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Hendrick A Most Unusual Gin Party @ The Estate, Intermark: My very First Time

I was all so excited to won a a pair of VIP passes to the Party of the World’s Best Gin – Hendrick from Thirst Magazine. That night, everything is my very first time.

First time visiting The Intermark, we lost inside the huge building trying to look for The Estate.


First time partying at The Estate Intermark.

image Picture courtesy of Time Out KL

My very first time to meet up with Bangsar Babe in real life, after reading her blog for so long!


And lastly my very first time to meeting up and make friends with so many people. Awesome night!!

Met with Kim from Thirst Magazine. Avery cute and friendly girl.


Hendrick is all about combination of extract from Bulgarian rose petal and cucumber. Hendrick’s is produced in small batches* so that the master distiller can have greater control over the quality of the product.


Life is too glorious not to explore the odd delights of Hendrick’s, a handcrafted gin distilled in Scotland.  No gin tastes like it because no gin is made like it.  The proprietary recipe includes traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander and citrus peel and the curious yet marvelous infusion of cucumber and rose petals.  This peculiar orchestra of botanicals is bathed in vapors in our 19th century Carter-Head still.  Bottled in a Victorian style apothecary bottle at robust 41.4% above, it results in a most iconoclastic gin.

The theme for the night is 1920’s Flapper Style, but I don’t really have those Flapper’s accessories or dress.. So this is the nearest style I could get!!

I sweep my hair to the right and did a purple/blue smoky eyes make up.

I wear a Drapped Black Dress from Flow with Charles & Keith Strap Killer Heels!!


When we step in, we were escorted to this shooting area..Felt like celebrities like that!!


“Drink Hendrick’s and tonic with a slice of cucumber not lime.”

I’m enjoying my Gin Tonic with Cucumber! My favorite Gin for the night! A little tangy and light!


Bartender Making A rose Story in Martini Glass with Red Rose Petal. Too strong for my liking!!


More pictures…


Let’s carry on baby!!


So many oldies radio…amazing!IMG_6105

Gorgeous Ladies! Love their hair accessories!!


There were plenty of snack serve that night. Some of my favorite it the Raspberries Gin Sherbet and Gin Jelly.


Sexy Dance for the night!


Us taking some shots with the Sexy lady!




I had so much fun that night…and most importantly it add another pretty memory in my life..

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